Salon Is Broken

Editor Joan Walsh floods site with endless Clinton advocacy and tabloid journalism.

Are you sick of the endless articles in Salon pushing more gas consumption, Reverend Wright, sex and the Democrats, or Ms. Clinton? Want some actual content in Salon?

Simply post the URL of this page,, into your Salon letters to indicate your displeasure with the direction that this once-insightful website has taken.

(Some suggestions for articles are below: posting the URL of this page doesn't mean that you endorse these suggestions in particular, but simply wish Salon to change in general...)

    • McCain's most vulnerable points.
    • How the Democratic candidate can win the 2008 election.
    • Clinton vs. Obama: a realistic evaluation of their chances.
    • How could a Democratic President fix our badly-broken government?
    • How can we jail the torturers in 2009?
    • Preventing this from happening again: how we can stop government from attacking the people.
    • Foreign wars: America's hooked, how can we quit?
    • Libertarians: the Republican's Nader?
    • Anything by Glenn Greenwald.

Other sites critical of include: