Save Our Saugahatchee, Inc.

Working to preserve, protect and restore the Saugahatchee Watershed
S.O.S. is a non-profit corporation, formed in April 1997 in response to citizen concerns over point and nonpoint source pollution of Saugahatchee Creek. We work closely with a wide range of governmental, non-profit and private sector entities. S.O.S. is affiliated with Alabama Water Watch (AWW), a statewide organization working to improve water quality throughout the state.
The purpose of S.O.S. is:
“To preserve, protect and restore the  Saugahatchee Watershed  so that it can be enjoyed  by everyone for recreation, environmental education, and ecological uses.”
S.O.S. members are citizens from communities throughout the Saugahatchee Watershed, including Opelika, Auburn, Loachapoka, Notasulga, Reeltown and Tallassee.
  • Created an organization of over 100 interested citizens in the various communities on the Saugahatchee Watershed.

  • Trained over 30 S.O.S. members in water quality monitoring. Qualified personnel monitor strategic points on Saugahatchee Creek and its tributaries.

  • Increased level of community awareness of the Saugahatchee Creek Watershed as a biological and ecological resource.

  • Worked with EPA and ADEM to upgrade Saugahatchee Creek from the lowest use classification, Agricultural and Industrial, to a higher level, Fish and Wildlife.

  • Worked with Cities of Opelika and Auburn to improve sedimentation ordinances and regulations.

  • Worked with Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) to reduce nonpoint source pollution,especially from erosion and sedimentation, in Lee County streams.

  • Currently working with several key stakeholder groups to implement a Saugahatchee Watershed Management Plan.

  • Several S.O.S. members serve on the ALOA (Auburn, Lee County, Opelika, Auburn University) Citizen Advisory Committee. ALOA developed a Phase II Stormwater policy which was adopted by each member entity.

  • Conduct a seasonal bacteria blitz throughout the Saugahatchee and Chewacla watersheds, in partnership with the Friends of Chewacla Creek and the Uphapee Watershed (CHEWUP), to track down contamimation sources and work cooperativley with local municipalities in fixing the problem.

2018 Calendar:
  • Saugahatchee Creek Cleanup        Saturday, March 3rd - meet in CASIC Building parking lot at 8 am
  • SOS meeting                    Thursday, April 19th - CASIC Building; Dr. Bill Deutsch will present a 'sneak peak' of his new book 'Rivers of AL'
  • SOS meeting                    Thursday, June 21st - CASIC Buidling; Jan Newton will present on erosion-sedimentation issues in Auburn
  • SOS meeting                    Thursday, August 16th -    
  • SOS meeting                    Thursday, October ???
  • SOS Christmas Party        Thursday, December 6th at ??? 

Bacteria Blitz Schedule:
  • Blitz #1
  • Blitz #2
  • Blitz #3




SOS would like to thank the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) for their generous support of our volunteer monitoring and public outreach efforts. Through WWF support, three grants in recent years, SOS has been able to:

  • More effectively communicate at public meetings and informational booths through the use of technology and displays
  • Conduct seasonal watershed-level bacteria blitzes in the Saugahatchee and Chewacla watersheds at 35 sites
  • Collaborate with municipal officials and resolve several bacterial contamination problems detected in streams around both Auburn and Opelika, Alabama


ADEM Guide for Citizen Participation



Save Our Saugahatchee, Inc.
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