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Issue of National Significance

14th of June 2011

It is significant ( and concerning ) that with New Zealand being one of the 28 nations that fund the International Energy Agency,  the authority charged with quantifying and making forecasts on the price of oil,  our political leaders , who during the run up to the elections in 2008 were citing the International Energy Agency's assertion that 'peak oil wasn't expected to occur until around 2030' as their reason for not acting to prepare for it, are now choosing to ignore the latest ( 25 May 2011 ) from the Chief Economist at the International Energy Agency which is that, based on their recently completed study of 800 oil fields, they now believe the world passed through 'peak oil in 2006 and that consequently governments around the world urgently need to reduce their vulnerability to ever increasingly expensive fossil-fuel prices.

  The provision, maintenance and extension of our rail transport networks is essential to maintaining resiliance in this post peak/cheap oil age that we are now living in.

Listen to and watch these interviews with Fatih Birol , the Chief Economist at the International Energy Agency in Paris.
20110525 Is the age of Peak Oil over ?  Radio New Zealand ( audio )
Peak Oil just around the Corner ?  ABC April 2010  ( audio )

If you're concerned by what you see / hear / read on this page , please consider  letting your  Elected Representatives know.


The Petroleum Exploration and Production Association of New Zealand
2011: ( Acting) Minister of Energy's response to an enquiry: 'Peak Oil, what is your response?' -ignores the IEA's revised forecast.
2010 NZ Parliamentary Research Paper : The Next Oil Shock
2010 Peak Oil Vulnerability Analysis Report : Dunedin City Council
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2010: International Energy Agency: Oil & Gas Security Report : New Zealand
2009: Ministerial Report on Oil Prices and Transport Sector Resiliance

See Oil Shock Horror Probe for more information ( NZ ) and  on the Transition Town NZ web-site
www.oilcrash.com ( NZ )
http://thejackalman.blogspot.com/   has a critique of the oil industry in New Zealand here

The Urgent Need to Address Future Oil Scarcity in New Zealand  :The Oil Drum 2008

Read: From Smoke To Mirrors  : a practical plan for developing a fully renewable supply of petrol, diesel, and jet fuel for New Zealand
by Kevin Cudby

The U.S. war colleges continue to generate insightful analyses of the potential effects of Peak Oil. Recently the U.S. Army Combined and General Staff College (USACGSC) released an excellent study by Lt. Col. GS Pascal Eggen, Swiss Armed Forces.