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Questions to the National Party

sent 25th of May 2011

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To all Ministers in the National Government :  Peak Oil : What is your plan ?

Dear Minister(s)

We are a broad network of people around New Zealand who are concerned about the 'road' we are being taken down.

We would like to know if you have seen / heard / read / understand the issue addressed on the following web-page:


and would like to know why you are not acting collectively to address what is likely to be the most important issue to face our nation.

We would like to collate and publish your responses.

Thank you.


And/Or ( please edit for appropriacy to your area )

Specifically for people in the North Auckland and Northland Regions ( i.e.those affected by the Puhoi-Wellsford Motorway extension and the rationalisation of the North Auckland Line.

To all Ministers in the National Government :  Peak Oil : What is your plan ?

20110531 To all Ministers in the National Government

I count myself to be one of the many people throughout New Zealand who are concerned about the 'road' New Zealand is being taken down.

The International Energy Agency is ( May 2011 ) telling us that Peak Oil occured in 2006 and that consequently, governments need to prepare for higher fossil fuel costs and provide infrastructure appropriate to the post cheap oil age:
For further recent information please watch, listen to and read some of the links posted here

We would like to know how building more 'roads of 'National' significance at the expense of developing our strategically essential railway infrastructure is consistant with the advice from the IEA,- and what you, as part of the National Party are planning to do towards addressing what is likely to be the most important issue to face our region and our nation as we move into the post peak oil future.

We would like to collate and publish your responses.

Thank you