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North Auckland Rail Line Social Impacts Questionnaire

Kia ora to everyone interested in the future of the North Auckland and Dargaville Branch Railway Lines.

  Below, for you perusal, are the questions that have beeen extracted from the NORTH AUCKLAND RAIL LINE SOCIAL IMPACT questionnaire that was sent to us on the 11th of May 2012

The wording of Question number 6  " Are there any other comments you want to make about closure of the line ?" seems to assume a pre-determined outcome

and Question 2 asks for information they may be hoping we don't have.  So...if you think you could provide answers or information which  would help other respondants provide strong affirmation of our railway's value to our region please send them through to us here @ saveourrailnorthland@gmail.com so that we can share them on the pages linked below.

It will also be useful to distribute our answers through our networks such as our  Save the Auckland to Northland Rail Line site on Facebook

- and to publicise it through the print media to ensure maximum participation in this opportunity.

Please consider letting others know that we've uploaded this questionnaire to this web-site.


( go to :
http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/North_Auckland_Rail_Line_Social_Impact  to actually do the questionnaire )


1. Do you think the current North Auckland Rail Line is beneficial to Northland?

If "Yes", how specifically?
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2. Do you know of any industries/ companies that may use rail freight in Northland in the future?

If “Yes”, can you please be specific about the type of industry or company, and why rail will be useful?

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3. Do you think the rail link should extend out to Marsden Point?

If "Yes", what specific growth opportunities do you see for Marsden Port/Northport in the future?
See: Oakleigh-Marsden Link

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4. If the North Auckland Rail Line closes down, what effects might this have for the community in the future?

Very positive
Very negative
What specific effects might the closure have? Please consider families, employment, road accidents, youth, education, culture and so on.
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5. Will keeping the rail line open contribute to the long-term future and growth potential of the Northland area?

If "Yes", how will it contribute?

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6. Are there any other comments you want to make about closure of the line?

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7. Thank you so much for your comments and input. We greatly appreciate your help.

Do you want us to contact you for further discussion?

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We will be in touch as soon as possible.

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