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20180606 Beware of cycle ways

 ( Thanks Albert Barr over at Grow Northland Rail for spotting this. )

Breaking News:
NRC caught trying to steal Rail corridors in the 10 year transport plan.

'Utilisation of redundant rail corridors'

'Northland has a number of rail corridors that are no longer in use or are currently mothballed by Kikiwrail. Some of these are currently being utilised by cycleways – for example part of the Twin Coast Cycle Trail is on an old track bed. Additionally, the Kamo to Whangarei City Centre urban cycle route follows the operational rail corridor through the city. The changing rail landscape in Northland does present a number of opportunities:

- Making the Kauri Coast Cycleway off‑road and potentially even a Great Ride from Dargaville to Donnelly’s Crossing via the redundant rail corridor to help ensure this Heartland Ride is more user friendly and could cater to a broader visitor group.

- The possibility of connecting Dargaville to Whangarei via the currently disused rail corridor (a branch of the North Auckland line), connecting the west and east coasts further south than the Twin Coast Cycle Trail if and when the railway line becomes available. A decision on the decommissioning of the railway line is still to be decided. An on-rail cycling experience may also be an option on some sections of the railway track.

- Repurposing the mothballed North Auckland line north of Kauri for walking and cycling, providing a direct route from Whangarei to Kawakawa and the Twin Coast Cycle Trail. Again, this is dependent on any plans to decommission the line by Kiwirail.

Buried in meeting held June 6th 2018;


Cycleway can go alongSIDE rail corridors. Cycleways must never go ALONG railways.