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 2017-08-17 From 'Greater Auckland'

Auckland to Whangarei-Northland
A passenger service between Whangarei and Auckland, was dismissed due to several factors, including that the current
line to northland takes a route through West Auckland that follows a very winding and indirect alignment.
Furthermore, the route is very long, with the distance being almost 200km by rail with only one town of significant size in between.
Even with significant upgrades it is likely that
the route north would not be time competitive with driving.
The quality of the track is currently very poor, requiring a large investment to bring it up to standard. KiwiRail reports
it would cost $240 million just to bring the railway from Waitakere to Whangarei up to the standard as the line between Hamilton and Port of Tauranga. In addition, due to low freight volumes combined with constraints at the New Lynn trench as well as other corridor issues, there are
no plans for a third track on the line north of Auckland.
This would result in passenger services being stuck behind all stops Western Line services.
Greater Auckland would support the introduction tourist trains to Whangarei,
That was from Page 42 of the report ( which you can view here ).

 Latest report from KiwiRail on the status of the line and traffic on it.
 19th of March 2015

 Listen to this audio from Radio NZ National's Nine to Noon program from 09:05
The call for Auckland's port to be moved north

Mike Daniel, Former chairman of Northland Port Corporation;
Greg McKeown, Heart of the City consultant and a former Chairman of the Auckland City Council's Transport Committee;
and Don Braid, managing director of logistics firm Mainfreight.

20120306 from the Northern Advocate Newpaper
Rosemary Roberts | Tuesday, March 6, 2012 9:38

IMAGINE Auckland developing Northland Port as a replacement port
for the super-city, financing the work from the sale of the $1 billion of  prime
waterfront land owned by Ports of Auckland.

The scenario would see Ports of Auckland (POA) invest in Northland
Port by spending about a third of the proceeds on upgrading the railway
between Auckland and Whangarei, building the rail link out to Marsden Pt
and transferring all of Auckland's waterfront container handling
infrastructure to Northland Port....  ( click on the title to read the rest of the article / or e-mail us at saveourrailnorthland@gmail.com if it's not available) 
20120304 By Brian Rudman in the New Zealand Herald
...... - "The other report is on the future of rail from Auckland to Northland, the long-neglected and much cheaper iron highway rival to the $1.5 billion "holiday highway" through Puhoi that this Government is busting a gut to build.

With the debate raging over the future expansion plans for the commercial Auckland port, the deepwater port at Marsden Point is regarded by many as a natural partner to share the growing freight load predicted for the congested Auckland site.

But to be a feasible option, it needs funding for a 20km rail line from the port to the main trunk line. All the consents are in place and the land needed is close to being secured. All that's missing is $120 million to construct the line.

Then there's the neglected state of the North Auckland Line from Auckland to Whangarei to rejuvenate.

KiwiRail earns $8 million to $9 million a year from it in its present dilapidated state, which covers the cost of train operations but not the $3 million to $5 million cost of infrastructure maintenance.

In fact, the line is so clapped out it takes five hours for a train to cover the 165km trip. In addition, six of the 13 tunnels provide insufficient clearance for modern containers.

( click on the title to read the rest of the article / or e-mail us at saveourrailnorthland@gmail.com if it's not available) 
Logging truck safety and safety on rural roads

Warwick Wilshier, chair, Log Transport Safety Council; Jackie Edkins, who is leading campaign by Rural Women NZ for better signage on country school busses; and Katrina Wright, who lives in rural Northland and concerned about logging truck drivers breaking speed limit. (25′57″)

Download: Ogg Vorbis  MP3 | Embed

Radio New Zealand: Morning Report ( 7.56 a.m. )
Kiwirail asks Northland to fund new wagons to keep rail going

If Northland wants to save its rail link with Auckland - it'll have to come up with some cash.

 That's the message the region's getting from Kiwirail, as it looks for ways to make the line profitable. (3′55″) ( Lois Williams )

To listen to this : Download: Ogg Vorbis  MP3 | Embed

Northern Advocate Newspaper : 
'Northland Rail Network could have reprieve'

New Zealand General Election

2011 10 11
Save our Rail Meeting at Forum North , Whangarei 7-9 p.m.
Listen to the report on Radio New Zealand National here

28th of September 2011  12,899 people have signed the Save the Northland to Auckland Railway Line petition.

11th of October 2011:   Keith Clapham's roadside sign "Build the Marsden Rail Link Now !" 
removal ordered by Whangarei District Council : see article here.

9th of August 2011
Shane Jones :  Planning for a prosperous society  ( NZ Herald )

Saturday 25th of June 2011: Te Tai Tokerau by election results: Hone Harawira : Mana : 5611
                                                                                       Kelvin Davis : Labour : 4744
                                                                                       Solomon Tipene : Maori : 1026

Plankers Rallying for Rail Line: Northern Advocate : Saturday 25th of June 2011

TV One : Marae Investigates: Sunday 19th of June 2011 : Te Tai Tokerau election candidate for Labour , Kelvin Davis announces that a Labour Government will fund the Marsden Rail Link to Northport


Saving Rail in Northland 'Tricky'
13th of June 2011

SAVING rail in Northland may be trickier than saving Private Ryan but a range of Northlanders are giving it their best shot.

The Northland Regional Council's Regional Transport Committee heard from opposite ends of the spectrum of save-railers at its two-monthly meeting last week - campaigner Vivienne Shepherd (sign a petition, buy a T-shirt, talk to us at the market) and the Rail Working Group (top players in regional transport issues looking at how to make rail work for Northland).

Shepherd, allowed a few minutes to make a presentation on the Save Northland Rail campaign, said the group "had the ears" of several politicians but had no idea where Whangarei MP Phil Heatley stood. He appeared to be "sitting on the fence".

She called on the National Government to set aside three weeks worth of the $100 million currently being borrowed every week to help save rail.

She said Save Northland Rail had 6300 signatures on a petition, a base at 3 Bank St, and plans for postcards and T-shirts.

Chair John Bain said it had to be remembered that political support was needed for rail and road - "because the highways are an integral part of the health of the region".

The committee received two written reports which showed that with just one year to stop the Auckland/Whangarei line being mothballed, no one is sitting on their hands.

The Rail Working Group reported that it had started out with a bottom-line of preserving the options in the rail corridor but had realised it had to change tack - "seek a stay of execution while a plan to progress the future of rail is developed, covering both long-term goals and interim steps."

The group detailed the complex and daunting information-gathering process ahead of it, which will extend far beyond Northland, because the region is inextricably linked to freight movements over the upper North Island.

Northland is part of the Upper North Island Freight Network Plan (along with Auckland, Waikato and the Eastern Bay of Plenty) being developed by the New Zealand Transport Authority.

The current view is that the upper North Island will need all three ports to cope with moderate levels of growth into the future.

The group says Northland will have to consider, how would a regional rail system fit into the freight network plan?

As well, Northland had to agree on what Northport's role was to be in the future of the upper North Island freight task. The region would also have to sell its "value proposition" as part of that task.

The message that there is nothing simple about saving rail is underscored in a progress report on the issues from Vaughan Cooper, the NRC's growth and infrastructure manager.

The manager discusses inland container hubs for a regional freight system, which bring issues of land-use zoning; the need to consider placing manufacturing operations close to rail (more land-use zoning issues); and the need to engage with key cargo owners within the region rather than the freight transport providers.

The group would have to suss out the exact issues and challenges faced by each part of the network, especially around tunnel capacity and the need for speed and weight restrictions. It would need a robust cost comparison between rail and road modes of transport (which would include evaluation of road wear, road safety and fuel prices).

And possibly controversially, "all opportunities for construction and operation of the (proposed) Marsden Pt rail link including private sector investment and/ownership should be considered".

The two presentations highlighted the huge complexity of the simple message on the T-shirt "Save Northland Rail".


20110601:  Trains Under Threat: Dargaville District News

20110528 :  Leader attacked over rail stance Northern Advocate

20110528  Greens grab northland train  :  AKT web-site

20110506 : Read : The Bolland Report on : 'Independant advice on the Economic Benefits of Rail  Freight' commissioned by the  Ministry of Transport in April 2010 ,
Information witheld under Section 9 (2)(b)(ii) of the Official Information Act

20110503 Pressure builds for investment in rail  Stuff.co.nz
20110428 Whangarei District Council expresses support for Rail ( see the article in the Northern Advocate and discuss it here on the Auckland Trains Forum

Whangarei CEO to advocate in support of KiwiRail closing down the North Auckland Line.  Northern Advocate

20110423  The latest on where we are with Peak Oil from The International Energy Agency
: ABC Radio National ( Australia )

20110404 Highway Upgrade cheaper, safer NZ Herald: Bob Scott

20110331 Claim expressway route tsunami hazard  Kapiti Post

20110401 Tunnel Vision: Mahurangi Matters Newspaper: Opinion by Roy Vaughan

20110330 Think Big Expressway Projects Questionable : Dominion Post:Opinion by Dr Michael Pickford

20110328 Wellington's Commuter Trains Finally in Service , Radio NZ National : Morning Report

20110328 Save Kapiti: Implications of proposed state highway in the event of Tsunami inundation

20110323 Future city calls for bold vision, New Zealand Herald Editorial with more discussion on The Campaign for Better Transport's forum here.

20110322 Petrol Prices: Govt urged to prepare for oil crisis , Clive Matthew Wilson ( editor of Dog and Lemon Guide )

20110322 Holding on to home: Kapiti Coast residents vs Minister of Transport, Stephen Joyce ( TV1 Close Up video )

20110321 KiwiRail to announce future of TranzCoastal line between Picton and Christchurch ( Radio NZ)
20110321 Nelson Railway to Nowhere ( Radio NZ )

20110311 Billions wasted on roads while rail is run off the tracks.  ( Dean Scanlen )

20110309:  Impacts of an end to cheap oil  ( TV NZ News interview with Transition Towns NZs' James Samuel )

20110302: How we'll pay the earthquake costs ( NZ Herald- front page )

20110301: Discussing the future of transport in Hawkes Bay ( Hawke's Bay News )

20110221: Rail Tunnels okay for Containers Gisborne Herald

20110219: Save our Rail Line Gisborne Herald:

20110219:  Kapiti Expressway Protesters Vent at Stephen Joyce  TV3

20110218:  KiwiRail input sought at transport meeting Gisborne Herald

20110217: KiwiRail warns Northlanders of imminent closure of rail  Radio New Zealand

20110216:    Rail lines could be mothballed: KiwiRail
and  Gordon Bonetti's reply to this article 'Mothballing Northland Rail Line'
and from Steve Goldthorpe, Energy Analyst from Sustainable Energy Forum

20110215:  Northland Rail Decision 18 Months Away

20110215: Saving Northland Rail: KiwiRail's CEO Jim Quinn presentation to NRC in Whangarei

20110211 Rail Supporters Band Together  ( Hawkes Bay Today )

20110204: Rail Protest Steaming to Gisborne

20110202 Local Matters Newspaper article : Railway campaigners mobilise to save northern line 

20110204: Rail protest steaming to Gisborne ( Gisborne Herald )

20101220: Has Kiwirail shown any commitment? ( Gisborne Herald )

20100510 : Northland Chamber of Commerce: Rail closure would be step backward

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