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2010 October: New Zealand Parliamentary Research Paper: The Next Oil Shock

The Northland Regional Council's 30 Year Transport Strategy 
"Priorities we need to focus on. Bulk freight moved from road-based to rail and coastal shipping" "
"Key initiatives in the strategy include: Linking Northport to the national rail network."

Read  "Future of Rail in Northland" by Northland Regional Councils' Growth and Infrastructure Manager, Vaughan Cooper. 25th November 2010

Upper North Island Freight Study 20100817

The Bolland Report on : 'Independant advice on the Economic Benefits of Rail  Freight'
commissioned by the  Ministry of Transport in April 2010 ,
Information witheld under Section 9 (2)(b)(ii) of the Official Information Act

KiwiRail's statement of Corporate Intent

The Ministry of Transport's  New Zealand Transport Strategy on Rail