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Fund raising drive for Nazanin's bail

January 15:

According to Etemaad Newspaper in Iran, which also reported Nazanin's original death sentence in January 2006, three out of the five judges in Nazanin's retrial have ordered that dieh "blood money" be paid to the family of the man who was killed, although the other two had recommended Nazanin's unconditional freedom.

Nazanin's lawyers intend to appeal the payment of blood money, but since this appeal may take several months, they have also requested bail so that Nazanin may be released from prison immediately. The court has set bail at 400,000,000 rials (over US$40,000).

Because Nazanin's family is very poor and unable to make payment of the bail or blood money, immediate financial assistance is required to secure Nazanin's release from prison.

Please visit the Donations section. More details will follow.

Nazanin's mother thanks you

January 15:

In an interview with Persian speaking "radio international" Maryam Fatehi, mother of Nazanin said: " I know how hard each of you have worked to bring Nazanin home and I am grateful to all of you. Nazanin's father and siblings are very happy too. You brought us the only one wish that we had: freedom of our daughter. May God give all of you, our brothers and sisters health and happiness for all that you have done. "

Nazanin exonerated, but will have to pay blood money

January 14:

Nazanin Afshin-Jam and Mina Ahadi spoke with Nazanin Fatehi's lawyers today regarding her retrial that took place on January 10th 2007.

They have received verbal confirmation from the court that she will be exonerated from the charge of murder. The incident that took place in March 2005 has been recognized as an act of self-defense, however the court has ruled that disproportionate force was used by Nazanin while trying to defend herself and her 15-year old niece. Accordingly, they have asked Nazanin to pay “dieh” (blood money) to receive a pardon from the family of the deceased. Once this amount is paid, Nazanin can be released from prison.

Shadi Sadr and Mr. Mostafaei, Nazanin Fatehi's laywers, are appealing this blood money because they believe that Nazanin is innocent for acting in self-defense and therefore she should not have to pay any money. Unfortunately, this appeal may take several months, so in the meantime arrangements may be made to have Nazanin released from prison by paying “bail” money into court.

Formal documentation should be available within days, including further details and specifics like the cost of bail and the cost of blood money.

Pictures of Nazanin's trial

January 11:

Pictures from Nazanin's trial yesterday. Nazanin is dressed in a prison hijab and is sitting with her attorney:

300.000 signatures for Nazanin

January 11:

The Save Nazanin petition passed 300.000 signatures today! We made it just at the end of the day of her re-trial. It has gotten around 70.000 signatures just the last week alone. If it continues like this, maybe we can reach 400.000 before her sentence is due.

Good news from trial, court rules that killing was unintentional

Janurary 10:

The continuation of Nazanin's re-trial took place today. It was delayed from 10:30AM to 12:30PM, in part due to the fact that so many people showed up in support of Nazanin's campaign. They were required to move court rooms. The international committee against execution says that normally in a case like this, 10-15 people show up. But today, 200-300 came to support Nazanin and there were many news reporters present. Nazanin's two defense attorneys proceeded with their defense.

After much discussions, the four judges unanimously determined that the lower court decision in January of 2006 was wrong and Nazanin killing the would-be rapist was not intentional. The defense attorneys are hopeful that the final decision on the fate of Nazanin will be announced in the next few days.

This is a very large step forward for Nazanin, and it brings great hope that she will avoid a new death sentence. Maybe she can even be free! This would not have happened without support from people all around the world, so thank you to all of you! But please don't rest yet. Until Nazanin walks out of the prison gate, she will continue to need our support.

One day left

January 9:

Nazanin's trial is tomorrow, Wednesday. Send her your thoughts.

If you have not already taken action, now is the time to do it.

Media attention

January 9:

Nazanin's case has fortunately been gathering quite a bit of media attention the last few days, especially in Canada. Below are some of the newspapers and networks that have published news about Nazanin the last couple of days:

A tale of two Nazanins - a documentary about Nazanin Fatehi

January 5:

A documentary about Nazanin Fatehi and Nazanin Afshin-Jam's fight for her life and freedom has been made. It is called "A tale of two Nazanins", and is a very comprehensive and compelling movie about Nazanin's sentence and the campaign to save her life. It contains an interview with Nazanin's mother and very emotional phone-calls from Nazanin in prison.

Please watch this documentary, and email it to everyone you know. If you have a personal homepage or a blog, post it there. If not ask someone who does. We need to get this out to as many as possible before the re-trial continues at Jan 10.

The documentary can be viewed at BodogTV. Click "Enlarge" to see it in full screen. (If nothing happens, check that your browser permit pop-up windows).

Nazanin Afshin-Jam has also made a personal appeal to the government of Iran to free Nazanin. It can be view at YouTube.

Only five days until Nazanin's trial continues

January 5:

It is now only five days until Nazanin's re-trial continues, at January 10. It is important to generate as much noise as possible before that happens, so therefore I ask once again that you take the actions suggested at the front page to help poor Nazanin. If you can think of other things not listed that might help, please let me know.

A documentary about Nazanin is in it's final production now, and will be published on the Internet very shortly. I will put up a link to it once it is done.

18 year old boy in imminent risk of execution

January 5:

Hossein Gharabaghloo, an 18 year old Iranian boy, is believed to be at imminent risk of execution in Iran for a murder committed when he was 16 years old. The Supreme Court confirmed his death sentence on 13 December and he could now be executed at any time. Hossein reportedly stabbed a friend to death in December 2004. He was arrested, but escaped before his trial started. He was later recaptured and was sentenced to death November 1 2006.

Some of the actions designed to help Nazanin can be applied to Hossein's case too, so please take a few minutes of your time to try to help him. Whether he is guilty or not, he does not deserve to die.



Delara Darabi - paintings of a teenager on death row

December 22:

The now 20 year old Delara Darabi, whom I have written about here, has been imprisoned for three years, awaiting execution for a murder she denies having committed.

Delara is a very talented artist, and has used painting to express her feelings about the sentence. Recently she held an exhibit of her paintings in the Golestan gallery in Tehran. All of her paintings can be viewed on this site.

Delara's sentence is another example of the injustice of the Iranian court system. She has managed to get some attention to her case via the paintings, but she needs more in order to survive. Please help her by spreading word of her death sentence.

New Internet petition against stoning

December 13:

A new Internet petition has been started by Lily Mazahery and Nazanin Boniadi, protesting the fact that death by stoning is still an accepted form of punishment for adultery in Iran. While most of the stoning sentences issued are overturned higher up in the court system, a man and a woman identified as Abbass H. and Mahboubeh M. were stoned to death in the northern city of Mashhad in May this year. Currently 11 people, nine women and two men, are at risk of being stoned to death.

You can read more information about stoning and sign the petition at:


Letter of support from Presidency of Senegal

November 26:

My friend Vincent got this week a letter of official support from the Presidency of Sénégal for the women sentenced to death in Iran. This was in response to a letter he sent some time ago. In his letter, Vincent asked the Senegalese government to condemn the death sentences of four Iranian women; Nazanin, Delara Darabi, Ashraf Kalhori and Malak Ghorbany, and death penalty in Iran in general. Senegal abolished the death penalty in 2004.

In addition to putting more pressure on the Iranian government, this also shows that it is possible to make a difference with even relatively little effort. Vincent just wrote a polite letter, and succeded in gaining the attention of a country's government. You can do this too. Next time you have a few minutes off, sit down and write a letter to your government, and ask them to pressure Iran on Nazanin's and these others unfairly sentenced to death, and the use of death penalty in general. When you have done that, take another case you burn for and write a letter about that too! It doesn't take much effort, and it does really make a difference.

Two new pictures of Nazanin

November 25:

Here are two new photos of Nazanin and her family, taken before she was attacked and imprisoned. The pictures have been given by Nazanin's mother Maryam.

Click on the photos to enlarge them

Nazanin's mother has also told that Nazanin is getting some hope back. She works a few hours each day, and do no longer have to take axiety pills. She has even started to gain some weight again and seems more healthy in general. Nazanin has told that her cellmates are reassuring her that all the international pressure on her behalf against the Iranian government will save her in the re-trial. Nazanin lives off this hope.

Note: The photographs are published here with permission from Nazanin Afshin-Jam, who originally received them from Nazanin's mother.

Nazanin's trial won't continue until January 2007

November 9:

Nazanin's continuation of the re-trial is now scheduled for January 10, 2007. That is more than one year after her original execution sentence.

Nazanin has been imprisoned for 1 year and 8 months now. The lengthy imprisonment and a long wait for a new verdict after her prior execution sentence has caused a major emotional impact on Nazanin who is still in her teenage years.

According to other prisoners, at times she has been waking up crying from nightmares about execution. Her mother said that last time she saw Nazanin, she could hardly recognize her daughter because Nazanin had lost much weight.

Please continue to bring awareness to the fate of 18 year old Nazanin.

Nazanin not at peace in her new prison

From www.helpnazanin.com:

Nazanin is not happy in her new prison. She is in a cell with over a dozen women. She says that she doesn't feel at peace because at any given time when she wants to rest, some women are talking, some are fighting, some are smoking. There are drug addicts in her cell that disturb the peace. In her previous prison, they were 2 or 3 in one cell at one time.

Nazanin has been quite cold, so thanks to your donations we have sent some funds to her family to purchase some extra clothes and blankets for her. Most of the women in her cell are much older and have been in prison for years. Nazanin's mother was wondering if they could move her to a cell with girls closer to her age. While this is unlikely, we will still try and ask her lawyer if she can make this possible.

Oct 8 : World Day Against Death Penalty - Berlin

September 30:

On October 8th bewteen 12 - 2 PM, Amnesty International is organizing a great event for the World Day Against Death Penalty. This year they are concentrating on executions of child offenders in Iran.

They will put up eight gallows in Potsdamer Platz in Berlin with the names and ages of eight juvenile offenders who were executed last year. They have produced postcards addressed to the Head of Judiciary Ayatollah Shahroudi highlighting the case of Shahram Pourmansouri who is still in danger of execution.

Canadian artist Nazanin Afshin-Jam will be a speaker at this event and ask the public to cut the cards down with scissors, thus sybollically cutting off the offeder from the noose and gallows. She will speak about Nazanin Fatehi and cut her board down from the gallows to show her attempts at helping save her life.

If you live in or around Berlin please join and support all those minors who are up for imminent execution in Iran.

Taken from http://www.helpnazanin.com

Seven women sentenced to death by stoning

September 29:

Amnesty Norway has published a list of seven Iranian women sentenced to death by stoning for adultery. Most of them have also been sentenced for crimes like prostitution and accessory to murder, but it is adultery that led to the death sentence. The Head of the Judiciary announced a moratorium on the use of stoning in December 2002, but reports indicate a man and a woman may have been stoned to death in May 2006.

The seven women listed are:

Parisa Akbari, Iran Eskandari, Khayireh Valania, Malak Ghorbany, Kobra Najjar, Soghra Mola'i and Fatemeh (surname unknown).

In addition to these, Ashraf Kalhori and Hajieh Esmailvand have also received stoning sentences.

The article contains information about the cases of these women and suggestions for letters you can write to the Iranian government.


A video showing the barbarism of stoning can be seen here:


Update: Amnesty UK have set up an interface to email the Iranian authorities about this case:


Video from rally in Los Angeles

September 28:

Video from the rally in Los Angeles:


Demonstrators in Tehran arrested

September 25:

From Amnesty International:

On 24 September at least 10 people were detained while demonstrating peacefully outside the United Nations office in Tehran. They were protesting against the expected imminent execution of several women, including Kobra Rahmanpour, Fatemeh Haghighat-pajouh, Nazanin Fathehi and Shahla Jahed. Those arrested are reported to have included Shahin Zaynali and Ali Davoudi, both students at Esfahan University, but as yet this is not confirmed. Those arrested may have been taken to Police Station 128 in Gholhak and may have been released later in the day after signing undertakings about their future actions.

LA Daily News has an article with more information about the rallies in Los Angeles and Iran.

Los Angeles rally Sunday to save Nazanin

September 24:

Following the two rallies being held in Canada and Iran this weekend in protest of the execution of 2 innocent young girls, 18-year-old Nazanin Fatehi and 25-year old Kobra Rahmanpoor. A rally is also taking place in Iran. Iranian actress Nazanin Boniadi and Human Rights activist, Roya Teimouri, have also initiated a rally in LOS ANGELES today (Sunday) outside the Fox Broadcasting building in LA at 2pm.

Their goal is to get news coverage on this matter in hopes of sending a clear message to the Iranian government and preventing the loss of these innocent lives.

Date: Sunday September 24th, 2006
Time: 2pm - 4pm
Place: Outside main entrance of Fox Broadcasting, 1999 S. Bundy Dr., Los Angeles, CA
What to bring: Yourself & ALL your friends and family. Pro-human rights banners are also encouraged.

This is a human rights matter and we can only be heard if there are enough people voicing their opposition. Nazanin Fatehi and Kobra Rahmanpoor need YOUR help, so PLEASE take a couple hours from your Sunday and support this cause.

Together we can make a change!

Canadian rally to support Nazanin and others from execution

September 22:

Rally to support Nazanin Fatehi, Kobra Rahmanpour and others from execution

Time: 1:00 to 3:00 PM Saturday, September 23, 2006
Place: North Vancouver Public library, Lonsdale @ 14th Street

Speakers include:

- Nazanin Afshin Jam
- Fahimeh Sadeghi
- Zari Asli

Nazanin suffers from serious heart trouble

September 22:

Nazanin's mother has told in an interview with Mina Ahadi that Nazanin has had two heart attacks in prison, because of the enormous pressure. She is back from the hospital now, but has been transferred to another prison named Evin Prison.

While this prison is more convenient for her lawyer, it is to far away from her family to come visit because they can't afford the travel costs.

Trial probably postponed until October

September 13:

Nazanin's next trial date has not yet been announced. Her lawyer, Shadi Sadr, does not believe it will continue until next month.

Nazanin's re-trial, no verdict

August 30:

Today was Nazanin Fatehi's retrial; however no verdict has been announced.

The trial was supposed to start at 10:30 AM but there was a half hour delay. The trial lasted until 12:30 PM with a short break in between. The family of the alleged rapist were not present. Nazanin was present with her family and three lawyers.

We have been informed that during her 20 minute testimony she was very brave and defended herself very well. She told the Judge that she has been honest from the very beginning. She extended her arm out to the Judge and said that it was she herself that came forward and gave the knife to the police at the scene of the offence and told them that she stabbed the man in self defence to protect her honour. She directly asked the Judge what he would have done faced with three attackers. He did not have an answer.

Nazanin's mother Maryam spoke during the trial and showed her discontent with how the officials had made Nazanin sign her own death sentence a few months back. She told them that Nazanin has no education and that she could not read or understand the papers they made her sign. She was asked to leave the court, she was crying a lot during and after Nazanin's trial.

Nazanin's father stood up and told the courts that he had something to say. He said that it had been announced in many newspapers that Nazanin was a run-away and that he had told the Judges to go ahead with the execution. He told the Judge that he had never made such claims and that it was important for this information to be cleared for the sake of his family. The Judge said that these claims were written in their reports. Nazanin's father requested the Judge look in the files and see who made such allegations. When they verified their file they agreed that he was right and that no such claims were made.

In the end no judgement had been made and they announced that another court date would be set. Due to the sensitive nature of the trial all details haven't been given yet, but there should be more information available by tomorrow. Please continue spreading the word about Nazanin, sign the petition and make a donation. Nazanin and Nazanin's family need your help!

Source: http://www.helpnazanin.com

Translated exerpts from Iranian newspapers

Nazanin's trial starts tomorrow

August 29:

Nazanin's new trial will start tomorrow. There is four possible outcomes of this trial:

  • Nazanin can be acquitted and released from prison.
  • She can receive a prison sentence of x number of years.
  • She can be re-sentenced to death.
  • Or she can be asked to negotiate "Dieh" (Blood Money) with the family of the man who attacked her and have her released subject to her paying that amount.

I will post the sentence of the trial here as soon as I learn about it.

Five days left until the new trial starts

August 25:

Nazanin's new trial will start in five days, at August 30.

Nazanin's lawyer visits Nazanin in prison

August 22:

Nazanin’s lawyer Shadi Sadr who has visited Nazanin on several occasions has said that she was worried about Nazanin’s health. She said Nazanin was feeling depressed because her trial is coming up and she is worried about the outcome. As a result she has been taking a lot of pills and looks very sleepy at times. Shadi Sadr has encouraged Nazanin not to take so many pills and to be strong and healthy.

Nazanin’s lawyer Shadi Sadr and her partner are working hard on Nazanin’s file as her retrial will be up shortly. Shadi Sadr is a well known Iranian Journalist and lawyer. Her website is:


Shadi Sadr was recently been able to have Ashraf Kalhori’s sentence of death by stoning reversed in only a matter of a couple of months (see below). Nazanin Fatehi is definitely in good hands!

Ashraf Kolhari's execution stopped

August 12:

The execution of Asharf Kolhari, who I wrote about a week ago, has been stopped by Ayatollah Shahroudi. Ashraf's lawyer, Shadi Sadr, submitted earlier this week a petition to the office of the Ayatollah requesting remittal of her sentence. The petition included the signatures of more than a hundred Iranian women rights
activists and over four thousand signatures collected online.

This does not mean that Ashraf is out of danger yet, but it is a huge step forward for her, and it shows that pressuring the Iranian government helps. Please continue to campaign for these women!

Source: http://www.payvand.com/news/06/aug/1125.html

Nazanin's new trial will take place at the end of August

August 10:

Please continue to send appeals!

International fund for Nazanin set up

August 10:

Canadian Senator Rod Zimmer and Member of Canadian Parliament Belinda Stronach have helped create an International Fund for people to help pay with Nazanin's legal costs and campaign costs. An online site will also be set up soon.

If you would like to make a donation please send a cheques for the Nazanin Fatehi Trust Fund to:

Nazanin Fatehi Trust Fund
PO Box # 1343
Ontario K1P 5R4

Two other women in imminent risk of execution

August 5:

These news are not directly related to Nazanin, but still deserves a place here.

Two other Iranian women are reported to be at risk of being executed in a very short amount of time. The first is 19 year old Delara Darabi, who is already presented on this site in report Amnesty Internation have received, her death sentence has been upheld and she may now be executed at any time. They are running a campaign to save her.

The other person is Ashraf Kolhari, who has been sentenced to 15 years of prison for killing her husband, and death by stoning for adultery. No, I did not mix the sentences up. Ashraf should originally serve the whole 15 years before she is executed, but it has now been decided to go through with it, even though she has only served 5 years. Now, she may also be excuted any day. It has been started a petition for her.

Most of the action you can take to save Nazanin applies to these two women as well, so please, take a few minutes of to help them. Even though both of them are guilty of crimes, neither deserves to die.

Sources about Delara:


Sources about Ashraf:


Preparing fund for Nazanin

July 7:

Canadian Senator, Rod Zimmer and Liberal MP Belinda Stronach are helping set up an international fund to help pay for Nazanin Fatehi's legal costs and campaign costs. It should be set up by next week.

Nazanin's new trial will take place in August

July 2:

As previously written, Nazanin's death sentence was overturned by the Iranian head of Judiciary, and the case was sent back to a lower court for a new trial. Her lawyer has now reported that this new trial will take place a month from now, in early August. Also, Nazanin has been released from solitary confinement.

It is very important to keep the pressure on Iran up until the trial starts. If you have not already done so, read the "What you can do" section on the main page to see how you can help Nazanin. If you already have taken action, do it again! We can show Iran that there are people who will not give up as long as Nazanin is imprisoned.

Nazanin Afshin-Jam visits UN and Canadian parliament

June 18:

Nazanin Afshin-Jam has visited both the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa, and the UN, about Nazanin Fatehi.

At the UN, she met with the Special Advisor on Gender Issues, Rachel Mayanja, who commended the actions taken for Nazanin Fatehi. She told that she had not the authority to take action on such an issue on her own, but promised to follow up on the case. It was later confirmed that the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights has contacted Iran about Nazanin.

Afshin-Jam also met with by Craig Mokhiber, Deputy Director of the New York Office of the U.N, who received the 170.000 signatures of those who supported the Save Nazanin petition.

At the Canadian Parliament, Afshin-Jam met with several members to talk about Nazanin and other human rights problems in Iran.

MP Belinda Stronah, who has been helping to bring Nazanin’s situation to light, rose in the House of Commons during the Question Period to ask the Minister of Foreign Affairs Peter MacKay to confirm that he had received assurances from the Iranian embassy that a new trial has been ordered for Nazanin Fatehi.

His answer was:

"Of course Canada takes these matters very seriously, as we have previously with the case of Mr. John Bigelow. We have made representations to the government of Iran. We have tried on many occasions to engage them about human rights abuses, human rights allegations.

We will continue to do so. We will continue to engage our international partners to relay these very serious concerns. This is of course an ongoing situation given the difficulties that we are having with diplomacy in Iran today."

After Question Period there was a Press Conference in the foyer of the House of Commons where Nazanin and her group were interviewed to draw attention to this issue and garner support from Canadians across the land.

Read more at Nazanin's home page

Nazanin placed in solitary confinement

June 14:

After Nazanin Fatehi's death sentence was overturned, she has been placed in solitary confinement and has been told that she will stay there for at least one month. The prison has not allowed her to see her family for the past two weeks.

Please write the Iranian government and protest.

Nazanin's death sentence overturned

June 2:

The International Committee Against Execution have confirmed the report in the Iranian Newspaper "Hamshari" that Nazanin's execution has been commuted by Ayatollah Shahroudi (the Head of Judiciary). A retrial has been announced and Nazanin's case will be sent to a lower court for further investigation.

However, the Save Nazanin campaign is far from over yet. Nazanin is a victim of attempted rape, and should not be further punished. There is also a chance that Nazanin may be sentenced to death once again by the courts as seen in past cases.We do not want this 18 year old girl's life to end up like Kobra Rahmanpour. Rahmanpour is an 19 year old girl who killed someone out of self defence and had her execution stayed several times before she was set free. She was even at the execution site where they announced that "they did not have enough rope". She ended wasting 7 years of her young life in jail. In her first trial, Nazanin had a state appointed lawyer as her family was too poor to hire a personal lawyer. Measures are now being taken to hire a lawyer with experience in these cases.

But the important thing now is that Nazanin will not be executed in the near future, as we had feared. And we want to thank all of you who have helped to achieve this!



Nazanin may live!

June 1:

Through our contacts in Iran, including the International Committee Against Execution and Amnesty International in London, we have just been alerted to an article in the Iranian Newspaper "Hamshari" which reports that the Supreme Court has rejected the death sentence against Nazanin, reportedly on the instructions of Ayatollah Shahroudi, the Head of Judiciary. Nazanin's family is expected to pay "dieh" (blood money) to the family of the man who has been killed.

John Tackaberry, of Amnesty International Canada, said Amnesty's Iran researchers say that the newspaper Hamshahri reported yesterday that following a request by the head of the Iranian judiciary, the country's supreme court has stayed Ms. Fatehi's earlier sentence.

"We are trying to get the full details, but at this point I understand that the supreme court rejected the death sentence against her, apparently on the orders of the head of the judiciary, Ayatollah Shahrudi," Mr. Tackaberry said.

Nazanin Afshin-Jam is trying to confirm the report through the German-based International Committee Against Executions, headed by Mina Ahadi, and through Ms. Fatehi's lawyer.

Note that while we have good reason to believe this is true, it is not official yet.


Nazanin Afshin Jam's homepage
Globe and Mail
Save Nazanin blog

UN Human Rights Commission has received Nazanin's file

May 29:

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour has received and seen the file on the case of Nazanin and her assistant said that "action" was being taken on this file but that she was not at liberty to provide details siting "confidentiality".

Whose morality?

May 25:

The author of myspace.com/savenazaninhas commented on the interview of Nazanin:

Whose morality?

Interview with Nazanin Fatehi

May 23:

Nazanin Afshin-Jam has interviewed Nazanin Fatehi in prison in Iran via a mediator and the help of the International Committee against Execution:

Read the interview

Nazanin Afshin-Jam to meet Canadian parliament

May 21:

Nazanin Afshin-Jam has been invited to speak to the parties in the Canadian Parliment about the case of Nazanin on June 5th and 6th. She has an appointment to meet with the office of my local Member of Parliament to present the case of young Nazanin.

Delivering the petition to the UN

May 21:

The petition at petitiononline.com has been printed out and is ready to be delivered to the UN. Nazanin Afhsin Jam has alerted the UN, and they are setting up a time for the meeting. Nazanin has requested to meet with Kofi Annan or another high-ranking officer. When the meeting is ready she will fly to New York or Geneva and discuss the case with the appointed officer.

Interview with Nazanin's mother

May 21:

A member of the International Committee Against Execution has done an interview with Nazanin's mother in Iran over the phone. The interview is in Farsi. I am trying to get an English translation.
Download the interview here (MP3-format, 6 MB)



University of Winnipeg protest death sentence

May 19:

WINNIPEG—A young Iranian woman facing execution within the next seven days is getting help from The University of Winnipeg Global College and UWinnipeg President Lloyd Axworthy, Canada’s former Foreign Affairs Minister. The University of Winnipeg is calling on all of Canada’s post-secondary institutions and all defenders of human rights globally to voice their opposition to the planned execution of Nazanin Fatehi whose only crime was to defend herself and her niece against sexual predation.

“Time is of the essence,” said Axworthy who is urging students, human rights and women’s organizations, cultural communities, governments of all levels and individual citizens to take up the cause and make their voices heard in support of Nazanin Fatehi and other innocents like her.

Read the full pressrelease here

Appeal to the Supreme Court

May 18:

Nazanin Afshin-Jam, the Canadian artist who started the petition for Nazanin, have been told by her contacts in Iran that Nazanin's case will be reviewed by the Iranian Supreme Court this week.

If the death sentence is upheld, the execution may be carried out shortly after. This means that we may only have one or two weeks left to save Nazanin. Based on past cases, it is known that if the Iranian government receives official letters from the UN, EU, USA or big and influencial international bodies, they often do not go ahead with the execution. We need the most amount of public outcry this week.

Please do what you can to help Nazanin. Every second counts now. Below are a list of actions you can take. If you know of any other things we can do, tell me at save.nazanin@gmail.com


Artist Nazanin Afshin-Jam Pleas to World Media and the UN to Save the Life of Another Nazanin in Iran

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