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Nazanin Fatehi was in her re-trial sentenced to pay "dieh" or blood money to the family of the dead man. Although the judges believed her testimony that she killed unintentionally and in self-defense, and therefore exonerated her from the charge of murder, they claimed that she used disproportionate force in defending herself, and ruled that she must pay the family of the deceased before she can be released from prison.

Nazanin's attorneys will appeal this sentence, but since this appeal may take several months, they also  requested bail so that Nazanin could be released from prison immediately. The court set the bail in the amount of US $45.000.

Nazanin's family had no way of paying this high amount of money, so a collection was started to pay the bail for her, so she could finally be freed from prison and return home.

If the appeal is not successful and Nazanin is subjected to pay blood money to the family of the man that was killed (this is anticipated to be over US $35,000), this will come from reimbursement of the bail. Any remaining balance will be used to assist Nazanin’s family as well as any other cases of minors sentenced to death in Iran.

However if the appeal is successful, any excess donation fund will be used to assist Nazanin’s family as well as any other cases of minors sentenced to death in Iran, such as the non-profit organization of the lawyers who have taken on Nazanin's case pro-bono , Amnesty International's Violence against Women program and the International Committee Against Execution.

If you would like to make a donation, you can donate online via PayPal by clicking the picture below or send a cheque to:

Nazanin Fatehi Trust Fund
PO Box # 1343
Ottawa, Ontario
K1P 5R4

It is not necessary to be a PayPal member to donate. 

The trust fund was created by Nazanin Ashfin-Jam with help from Canadian Member of Parliament, The Honourable Belinda Stronach and Canadian Senator, The Honourable Rod A. A. Zimmer, for people to help pay with Nazanin Fatehi's legal costs and campaign costs.

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