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Email from Chief Dickerson to BoCC says fire department was not justified in calling for a helicopter

posted Sep 21, 2012, 2:49 PM by We TheEmployees
Email posted on SaveMEDSTAR.org from Chief Dickerson to County Commissioners attempting to defend why the request by a local fire departments for a helicopter on a bad auto accident this morning was not justified. Estero Fire Department requested helicopter transport for two patients that were entrapped in a vehicle following impact with a pole. After 12 minutes from being requested, Aeromed advised they were unable to respond due to mechanical problems. Had MEDSTAR not be
en shutdown, a backup aircraft would have been immediately available if a similar mechanical issue would have happened. Chief Dickerson is attempting, again, to misrepresent the truth. She would like you to believe that a six minute flight verses a 16 minutes for one patient and 22 minutes for the other would not have impact patient care. Additionally, Chief Dickerson is leaving out the expanded scope of care, equipment and medication that was onboard MEDSTAR that EMS Management removed recently from EMS ground ambulances. Had MEDSTAR not been shutdown and not on another patient flight, it would have been on scene waiting when the first patient was extricated from the vehicle; less than 10 minutes later the patient would have been at Lee Memorial Trauma Center…period!  See our Facebook Page for taxpayer reaction and to post your thoughts!  Email can be view here.