YOU ARE NEEDED on October 24th to help STOP the changes!

Please attend the Commission meeting, 2401 SE Monterey Rd, on Tuesday Oct. 24th

The Public is allowed to speak on any topic at 9:05 am.

Key points:  Restore the deletions of sentences and paragraphs in Chapters 1 and 2.  Stop the erosion of our 4-story building height limit, river protections, and good planning.

4 Story Height Limit: Our 4-story building height limit is part of our unique character but it is now being threatened by the following deletion.

Deletion in Policy 2.1A.1. (2) No land uses or development shall: (1) Exceed 15 units per acre. (2) Have more than four stories including those unenclosed lower floors used for storage, parking or other purposes.

River Protection Deleted Language: The following text (along with 3 other deletions) will negatively impact river protections allowing runoff with too much water, too fast, and too polluted.

  • Policy 2.2C.6.  Development approvals shall ensure that, to the maximum extent reasonably achievable, water quality and the rate, timing, and volume of runoff will recreate natural conditions for the benefit of wetlands, the estuary and other receiving waters.

Good Planning Deleted Language (two of 10 deletions):
  • Policy 2.1A.4. “ ...Good planning must be based on accurate information that is readily available.
and Policy 2.4A.6. “Martin County shall create and maintain a database for objective indicators of fiscal conservancy.”

Changes in Chapters 1 and 2. These Chapters are like our Bill of Rights that define the key rules for residents and developers so they can comply and enforce these key protections. Proposed changes include:
  • Section 1.1. deletion: Purpose… In furtherance of these purposes the more restrictive requirements of this chapter and of the overall goals, objectives and policies of Chapter 2 shall supersede other parts of this Plan when there is conflict.

  • Section 2.1 new sentence: “The Overall Goals, Objectives and Policies contained in this chapter summarize but do not supersede other parts of the Plan.

** Contact Commissioners and Staff to say No to the changes:;;;;;; 


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