This is the Voice of Malak Ghorbany


I am not guilty of a crime. I have only committed an act that
is the natural right of every human


Malak Ghorbany has been convicted by a criminal court in Iran of engaging in an act of intimacy outside marriage.  She has been sentenced to death by “Sangsar” -- the savage and violent act of public stoning.  Malak Ghorbany is not the first female victim of the atrocious and barbarous punishment of public stoning by the Islamic Republic of Iran, and until the current ruling authorities in Iran are held accountable for committing such acts against humanity, she won’t be the last.

Yet, any woman who is murdered by stoning, and any woman who is sentenced to be murdered by stoning should serve as the ultimate proof of the Islamic Republic’s misogyny and barbarism in the eyes of the world.  Each sentence of public stoning is evidence of the gender apartheid that affects millions of women in Iran.  Aggressive, fervent, and non-stop resistance against each sentence of public stoning is the responsibility of every woman and every man who stands for freedom and any human who is opposed to any form of inequality and oppression.

The voice of Malak Ghorbany in protest to the inhumane sentence to which she has been sentenced must be heard by every freedom-loving person, organization, and legal body around the world.  Let each and every one of us resonate Malak’s cry for freedom.  Together, not only do we have the ability to reverse her unspeakable sentence, but, by doing so, we have the power to deliver a substantial blow to the Islamic regime of Iran.

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