New hearings begin for Malak Ghorbany

December 28:

The retrial of Shamameh “Malak” Ghorbany began yesterday in branch 12 of the western Azarbaijan district court.  Read more

New petition against stoning

December 13:

A new Internet petition has been started by Lily Mazahery and Nazanin Boniadi, protesting the fact that death by stoning is still an accepted form of punishment for adultery in Iran. While most of the stoning sentences issued are overturned higher up in the court system, a man and a woman identified as Abbass H. and Mahboubeh M. were stoned to death in the northern city of Mashhad in May this year. Currently 11 people, nine women and two men, are at risk of being stoned to death.

You can read more information about stoning and sign the petition at:

Malak Ghorbany receives a new trial

November 9:

The Supreme Court of Iran has found that there were serious legal problems during Malak's initial court proceedings. As such, her stay of execution has been extended and her case has been remanded to the court in the city of Orumieh for re-trial. The new trial will take place within the next month.

Kobra's life is spared for one more month

October 5:

Abdol-Samad Khormshahi, legal counsel for Kobra Rahmanpour, announced that the office of Criminal Sentences in Tehran has issued a one-month stay of execution for Kobra so that she can obtain a pardon from the family of her mother-in-law. If Kobra's efforts to obtain such a pardon prove unsuccessful, her execution will be carried out as originally planned.

The decision to postpone Kobra's execution for another month was issued today following a meeting between Kobra and her lawyer and the authorities of Branch 11 of Tehran's criminal court. In attendance were Mr. Khormshahi, Kobra's counsel of record, the chief mediator in charge of Kobra's case, and officials from Branch 509 of Mediation Commission.

"I hope that, during the little time that we have been granted, we will be able to resolve the issues with the deceased's next of kin, and that we will be able to obtain a pardon for Kobra, who, herself, is a victim in this case," Mr. Khormshai explained.

To date, Kobra's legal representatives have held several meetings with the family of the deceased to obtain their pardon in order to save Kobra from execution. Yet the deceased's family has refused to grant such a pardon.

Source: (in Farsi)

Video from rally in LA

September 27:

Video showing the rally for Kobra Rahmanpour and Nazanin Fatehi in Los Angeles:

Rally in France

September 23:

Rally for Kobra Rahmanpour in Paris, Monday, September 25th, 6:00 — 8:00 PM at the Fontaine des Innocents, Chatelet

Another Iranian woman risks execution

September 20:

A new Iranian woman, Kobra Rahmanpour, is in imminent risk of execution. Read more

Group Urges Bush to Rebuke Iran's Stoning of Women

August 24:

The head of a conservative civil liberties group is calling on President Bush to condemn Iran's public stoning and hanging of women.

John Whitehead, president of the Rutherford Institute, sent a letter to Bush, members of Congress and other dignitaries, urging the world's leaders to demand that Iran abide by its obligations under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights to ban stoning and other inhumane methods of executing women.

Whitehead also called for Iran to grant clemency to women who have been sentenced to death by stoning for adultery.

Read the whole story at CNSNews

San Francisco resolution accepted

August 18:

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors this week unanimously passed the resolution urging the U.S. State Department to condemn the Iranian practice of execution by stoning.

The resolution is published here.

San Francisco: U.S. State Dept must condemn executions by stoning in Iran

August 9:

At the San Francisco Board of Supervisors' meeting today, the Iranian-American Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi introduced a resolution demanding that the U.S. State Dept. condemn the execution of Iranians by public stoning for consideration by his colleagues.

The supervisors now have one week to weigh the merits of it, and the resolution will come up for debate and vote at the next full board meeting, August 15. If you live in San Francisco, contact your supervisor and ask him or her to vote for this crucial resolution.

For people who don't reside here, please ask your local city council or state and federal elected officials to pass similar resolutions, or lobby them to issue statements calling on the U.S. State Department to immediately deplore the potential female stonings and other pending executions in Iran.

You can read the resolution here.

Another woman sentenced to stoning

July 26:

Another Iranian woman, Ashraf Kalahri is scheduled to be publicly stoned in two weeks. Read more

Please do the actions suggested below for Ashraf as well as Malak.

Malak's sentence re-evaluated

July 22:

In response to international pressure opposing the public stoning of Malak Ghorbany, and the barbaric punishment of women by stoning in general, the Iranian Embassy in France has announced that Malak Ghorbany's case is being re-evaluated, and her original sentence (public stoning for committing adultery) is expected to be revised. However, DO NOT think that everything is all right now. Malak may still be re-sentenced to death or tortured in prison. We must keep the pressure up until she is free.