Five More Sentenced to Stoning in Iran



 Statement by The International Committee Against Stoning


Tuesday, July 4, 2006 -- Two women in the Iranian city of Ahavaz, two women in the city of Shiraz, and one woman in Tehran’s Evin prison are awaiting the execution of their sentences of public stoning.


According to reports received by the International Committee Against Stoning yesterday, repeated sentences of stoning in Iran have been issued and the Islamic Republic is intent on carrying out these illegal sentences.  There are reports of two sentences of public stoning in Ahavaz jail, two in Shiraz, and one in Evin prison.  These reports are in addition to Malak Ghorbany’s sentence of public stoning in Northeast Iran.


In the past two weeks, the Islamic Republic of Iran has executed at least one person by public stoning in a jail in Mashhad.  The news of the stoning is carefully guarded from being revealed to anyone outside of the prison.


The International Committee Against Stoning firmly denounces this barbaric practice and declares that it will ensure that this issue becomes internationally recognized, and will, once again, call upon the world community to hold the Islamic Republic accountable for these atrocities.  Meanwhile, the Committee will continue its efforts to ensure that the ruling members of the Islamic Republic are charged for their continued violations of human rights and are tried in an international court for their crimes against humanity. 


The practice of stoning is an act of savagery.  Two years ago, firm international denouncement of this barbarous practice, which included demands to punish various members of the ruling regime for their crimes against humanity, led Iran to outlaw stoning as a form of capital punishment for women.  Yet, Iran continues to carry out stoning sentences in secret. 


We announce that we will not allow the savage execution of these six women, including Malak Ghorbany, who have been sentenced to stoning.  We have initiated a massive international campaign to ensure the rescue of these women from execution, as well as to hold the ruling regime of Iran responsible for violations of human rights and for committing crimes against humanity.  We are inviting all persons to join us in our effort to put an end to such atrocity. 


Support the International Committee Against Stoning to save the lives of these women.  Please express your outrage about such violations of human rights in any way that you deem appropriate and productive.


Translated to English by Lily Mazahery





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