A Kurdish woman condemned to death by stoning waits for the hour of her execution


Death by stoning had been abandonned to some extent for a few years, yet it is back on the scene again, because religious authorities have demanded more rigourous sentencing by the courts in a return to the spirit of the Islamic Revolution: it is a fact that the penalty of stoning has been written in black and white in the Iranian code for the past 27 years. The stoning sessions are public...

The Islamic Court of Justice of Urmia (Rezayieh) has condemned a Kurdish woman answering to the name of Malak Ghorbany to death by stoning. This is the second case in less than a year.

Malak Ghorbany is accused of adultery. The court directed she would be executed by stoning, which had not occurred for some time. As a rare occurence, the court has also condemned Abu Bakr Ghorbany, her brother, and Mohamed Daneshfar, her husband, to seven years in prison each for killing her lover. This is particularly unusual, because the Islamic Courts never punish those guilty of 'honour' killings, unless the lover, whose name has not been revealed, had been in a position of local influence: a member of the Islamic Committee, a Mullah, or even a militiaman.

Injustice lasts right up to the moment of death. Men and women found guilty of adultery are wrapped in a shroud and buried in a hole filled with sand, the man up to the depth of his arms, which are left free, and the woman to the level of her breasts.

The penal code of the Islamic Republic: Conditions for stoning

Article 102: Women and sanctions. Stoning to death is the punishment for adulterers. The male and female adulterers are buried in a hole filled with sand, the male according to his height, and the woman to just above her breasts, and they are stoned.

Article 104: The stones used must not be so large they cause death with a single blow, nor so small as not be called a stone. Stones of medium size are preferred, in order to expiate the fault through suffering.

In November 1996, AFP reported that the Islamic Parliament added a subparagraph: a husband surprising his wife in the act of adultery can kill the couple without danger of repercussions. This right does not exist for a woman in a simillar situation. Sexual relationships between unmarried couples are punished with 99 lashes.

Translated from Iran Resist 30/06/06


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