1. Why would Cupertino Union School District Superintendent Wendy Gudalewicz, Board President Jo Lucey and VP Anjali Kausar spend taxpayer money to hire a new PR firm called Voler SA to announce the Luther apartments project after 3 months of closed sessions with undisclosed parties - with no prior stakeholder input and no other alternatives offered for teacher housing ?

2. Why would the CUSD Board's senior members Jo Lucey and Anjali Kausar continue to voice support for Wendy Gudalewicz and the Luther school site rezoning in the face of a teacher survey indicating only 15% confidence level in CUSD leadership and broad community outrage ?

Let's try to connect some dots to understand the nexus of CUSD officials, developers, local politicians and paid lobbyists that seem to have cozied up to work against the interests of our schools and community. Can you make sense of the following?

Voler SA is a lobbying firm formed just 3 months before the Luther project was announced. Two of the principals are Rolando Bonilla and former San Jose Councilmember Xavier Campos, who was voted out of office in 2014 due to allegations of corruption. Rolando is seen at the Luther announcement with Wendy Gudalewicz, Anjali Kausar and Jo Lucey smiling in support.

Xavier Campos is now Voler's stated "VP of Land Use". Xavier featured in the Community Benefits committee for the controversial Vallco Hills project, a committee that included a handful of developers + Wendy Gudalewicz but no community organizations! A firm hired for PR that also has land use lobbyists - very handy if you're marketing a pre-determined land-use decision to a trusting community! 

Anjali Kausar has a second job: CEO of the Cupertino Chamber of Commerce  (whose mission is business advocacy), as well as being an elected CUSD Board member. Isn't that a conflict of interest? It's not surprising then that Vallco Hills President Mike Rohde  is also on the Chamber. 

The CUSD Board and Superintendent have been actively using our schools to promote The Hills at Vallco. It's interesting that they worked out a letter of intent with The Hills at Vallco to add more students to our schools, but forgot to include teacher and staff housing? 

CUSD will not even share the attendees of their Luther closed sessions even after the DA office ruled Luther housing should be a public topic. What's to hide?

Does the origin of the Luther housing project make a bit more sense now? Likely conceived by the developers, for the developers! 

In case we got this wrong, these questions and many others have been asked of the District and we still await their answers (4 months and counting).