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The Truth About The Luther Rental Apartments Proposal

(Download the Complete Version or the Condensed Version)

On 08 Dec, 2015, CUSD announced a proposal to develop over 200 rental apartments at the Luther School Site in Santa Clara, after 3 months of backroom discussions which excluded the community. After a public outcry against the proposal and concerns about CUSD leadership, District Superintendent Wendy Gudalewicz recently emailed a letter and FAQ to a select group of CUSD parents, promising ‘transparency’.

Sadly, almost every item in this recent communication continues to mislead the community with skewed and/or incomplete information, raising serious concerns at many levels that the community has documented in a FAQ sheet

  • No Transparency, backroom dealings
  • No regard for larger employee issues
  • Bogus rationale for pushing a rental housing project
  • Bogus growth projections
  • Disregard for school crowding
  • Absence of long term planning

Why is the CUSD leadership hard-selling a development project? Can we trust CUSD to make the right decisions in the interests of our students, teachers and community?

Citizens of the Cupertino School District should be extremely concerned about the permanent loss of public schools to housing. CUSD officials are getting into the housing business for dubious reasons at the expense of student, teacher and community benefits. CUSD is accountable to YOU, the residents, taxpayers and parents.  

For a complete list of Issues vs. Truth, please read the community letter and FAQ "Truth About Luther Rental Apartments Proposal".