February 23rd CUSD Board Meeting

Community members throughout the Cupertino Union School District attended the February 23rd CUSD Board meeting and delivered speeches during Open Session in support of Save Luther School and Park.  Below are links to videos of the speeches and summaries. The Rally event was also covered by local media, The San Jose Mercury News/Cupertino Courier and Epoch Times (Chinese), and KTSF Channel 26 interviewed community members.

  • Cupertino/Rancho Rinconada resident - Questioned the enrollment projections, and asked why the District is planning to cram a second school on an already crowded site instead of considering Luther as an option.

  • Cupertino resident: Spoke about the District's bogus demographics and growth projections, questioned whether temporary subsidized rental housing will really retain teachers after they move out

  • West San Jose resident: highlighted school crowding and growth, asked the District to stay within their authority - the district is not a housing Developer and it needs to focus on our schools and education.

  • Santa Clara resident: challenged the District to negotiate with nearby development projects for teacher housing allocations.

  • Happy Days Montessori School at Luther: spoke about the existing schools at Luther and how evicting them would impact 535 students and 95 educators.

  • Sunnyvale resident: gave the CUSD Board notice of violating the Brown Act due to closed session (not open to the public) negotiations related to Luther Elementary School.

  • Santa Clara resident: demanded real transparency from the board.

  • Santa Clara resident: asked the board have the teachers and staff been asked for what they want and need in terms of compensation?

  • Santa Clara resident: presented two different possible financial models. Either using grants which result in low-income housing for all-comers due to non-discrimination requirements, or issuing certificates and borrowing - Who will be responsible for the debt?

  • A Group of speakers (Santa Clara): delivered a message from the community surrounding Luther Elementary.

  • Santa Clara resident: Spoke about the overcrowding created by portables at Eisenhower impinging on open space for kids (over 14 of 35 Eisenhower classrooms are portables), and asked the board where will the children from numerous new developments in the area go to school?

  • Sierra School representative: Asked how CUSD will respond  and make sure the needs of those CUSD teachers who are not going to get the rental housing are met; should not accept helping select teachers whereas hurting other teachers. Requested open and transparent dialog between the board and the public.

  • Santa Clara resident: discussed the impact of RDA dissolution and the resulting increased development and residents in the area, that must be taken into account in projections.