March 31, 2017 - Sign the Petition!  "Anjali Kausar Must Step Down from CUSD School Board"  

Support nearly 2000 other concerned CUSD parents and call on Anjali Kausar to resolve her conflicts of interest between her job promoting businesses and development, and her role as a CUSD board member. She has already used the title "local School Board Member" to promote developers' interests! As a school board president she must commit to putting children first. 

A community member has written extensively about the conflict of interest.

Reported in the Epoch Times (Chinese).

March 16, 2017 - Superintendent Gudalewicz fired!  

After a contentious and tumultuous two years, Superintendent Gudalewicz has had her contract terminated, to a large extent due to her reconstitution of West Valley Elementary, mishandling the proposal to replace Luther School with apartments, and "Oath Gate."  Reported by NBC Bay Area

September 8, 2016 -  The Luther Apartments Developer Revealed!

One of the biggest mysteries of the Luther apartments has been: Which developer was backing the proposal to build apartments on the Luther Elementary School site? Was it predetermined WHO was going to build apartments at Luther Elementary School, prior to any public discussion or input?

After months of persistent requests for public records, the Cupertino Union School District finally released some communications with the developer they were negotiating with. 

The emails confirm that the District leadership and developer Sand Hill Property management were in discussions regarding building apartments at Luther at least since July 2015, well before the Dec 8th press release and October 2015 closed sessions. 



May 27, 2016 -  CUSD stops plan to build apartments at Luther School

On Tuesday, May 24, due to the immense outpouring of grassroots organized community support to preserve the Luther School, the district decided to discontinue the plan to convert the Luther School into apartments.


The decision to stop was influenced by the community’s grassroots effort to gather over 1200 petition signatures in support of Luther School, the hundreds of yard signs displayed in the surrounding neighborhood, letters that you wrote to the board and public officials, and the months of rallying and public comments. The Board’s decision was unanimous and the employee organizations also publicly supported the decision to stop.  



Are Fewer Kids Going to CUSD Schools?

Do the facts support taking out the Luther School Site forever ?

CUSD has been holding a series of coffee talks, and the alarms are going off because enrollment is dropping (implying less revenue). It’s a common excuse to sell sites off that has been used since the 1980’s, and is being used again to permanently remove Luther School.



1. Why would Cupertino Union School District Superintendent Wendy Gudalewicz, Board President Jo Lucey and VP Anjali Kausar spend taxpayer money to hire a new PR firm called Voler SA to announce the Luther apartments project after 3 months of closed sessions with undisclosed parties - with no prior stakeholder input and no other alternatives offered for teacher housing?

2. Why would the CUSD Board's senior members Jo Lucey and Anjali Kausar continue to voice support for Wendy Gudalewicz and the Luther school site rezoning in the face of a teacher survey indicating only 15% confidence level in CUSD leadership and broad community outrage?



April 19, 2016: The Superintendent continues to pursue apartments at Luther, most recently at a Cupertino Chamber of Commerce meeting. (continue...)


April 13, 2016: In response to the Petition of No Confidence now approaching 1000 signatures, the Superintendent has produced a video (continue...)

March 28, 2016: The Teacher's union has released the annual teacher survey. (continue...)
March 22nd School Board meeting


An Open Letter to the Teachers of CUSD from the Citizens of Save Luther School and Park (Download PDF Version)


The Truth About The Luther Rental Apartments Proposal

(Download the Complete Version or the Condensed Version)

On 08 Dec, 2015, CUSD announced a proposal to develop over 200 rental apartments at the Luther School Site in Santa Clara, after 3 months of backroom discussions which excluded the community. (continue...)


Feb 23rd Rally for Saving School Sites for Children! 

What's the issue?

Cupertino Union School District (CUSD) announced a plan on December 8, 2015 to convert the Luther public school site and park (220 Blake Avenue, Santa Clara, close to Pruneridge Ave. & Woodhams Rd.) to OVER 200 high-density apartments for district employees.

Why should the CUSD Community be concerned?

  • PERMANENT loss of a public school site in a rapidly growing area
    • Population growth and development is occurring all around us.
    • Schools are unique and require large lots – building apartments on the site has huge implications for many generations to come.
    • This “concept” may set a precedent for developers to rezone and build on other CUSD school sites.
  • Is not a solution for employee retention
    • The proposal would not have any impact on the retention of valuable experienced teaching staff.
    • No studies have been conducted to assess the true needs.
    • There is no evidence that temporary teacher housing results in long-term teacher retention.
    • How does the “concept” truly address teacher and staff compensation concerns?
  • The process has NOT been OPEN and TRANSPARENT, and only discussed in closed door sessions with developers.

Why should Santa Clara neighbors be concerned?

  • Eviction of over 535 children and 95 educators at 5 independent schools.
  • The school and park have been an integral part of the surrounding single family home neighborhood for 60 years.
  • Potentially reduced or no impact fees and property taxes contributed by the development to support our local city services, as with other below market rate subsidized housing projects.