About us

Mission statement: We are a community committed to forever preserving a park-like natural and open area including a recreational facility in the Kimber Park Neighborhood.

Who we are and why we formed:

Save Kimber Park is a grassroots effort formed in March 2011, after a group of community and Mission Hills Tennis and Swim Club members learned that a preliminary plan for a 28 home development was submitted to the City of Fremont by the owner, Sheena Chang. A steering committee was created to inform and engage the community and to be advocates for the Open Space that is integral to the the original Planned Development within Kimber Park. The current owner stated previously that she intends to sell the property to Civitaf, a Los Gatos developer.  On 11/10/11 this developer submitted a formal application for 26 homes on the back portion of the property and the elimination of 7 of the existing 13 tennis courts.   On 5/18/2012 a new developer, Dwane Kennedy of CityShapers in San Francisco, submitted a new plan which includes 18 homes.  We remain united in our efforts to preserve the zoning for this parcel as private open space with permitted recreational use and do not support ANY residential development or zoning change.