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Opposing Microsoft's "Letter of Intent" with Government of Karnataka 
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A Letter to the Government of Karnataka

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 Sign the above letter and fax it or send it via post to these addresses to log a protest.  

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  Join hands in opposing Microsoft's "Letter of Intent" with Government of Karnataka. 

Microsoft has for long ignored issues relating to Kannada on their Operating Systems. Despite several movements, campaigns to bring the issues to Microsoft's attention, things have just been the same. What more? To push its own standards and grab monopoly, Microsoft has signed a "Letter of Intent" with Government of Karnataka recently.

Implications? many! One serious implication would be Microsoft getting an unfair edge in the state despite its sheer negligence towards Kannada language.

To log a protest, please sign this document and send them by fax or Post to these addresses.

Please Note:-   As government offices do not care much about emails, it is better to send this petition via normal post or by fax and for reference send an email too. 

You are free to change the content of the petition addressed to Honourable Chief Minister to your preference.

Also, we request all petitioners to email us at once the petition is dispatched. This will help us assess the difference we've all made.

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What's wrong with Kannada on Microsoft's operating  systems?

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From the pages of History:

 During the cold war between US and Russia, US planted logic bombs in software sold to the Russians to control their oil pipeline valves. Russia at a pre-determined time the logic bombs embedded in the control systems opened valves that should have been closed. It flooded out a lot of oil costing the Russians a lot of money in both loss of resource and clean-up efforts. Following links give more inputs on this issue. 

Is this is not enough to awaken ourselves about the security risk? Does it not explain inherent insecurity of running sensitive government data on a proprietary OS provided by a foreign company? 

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