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Saving on Gas

Saving on gas

Scoring the Best Gas Prices lets you comparison shop for gasoline in your neighborhood or city. You can also use it to find the cheaper prices when you are traveling. Also and and finds the cheapest gas near you. gives you fuel prices at 85,000 gas stations across the country and can be traced within 3, 5 or 10 miles of your home and are updated every few days.  The Department of Energy site provides a best price comparison by city. It also provides revised gas mileage estimated for models going from 1985.
Join a warehouse club like Bj’s Wholesale or Costco or Sam's Club which can afford to sell gas for less profit than regular gasoline stations.

The federal government has a fuel guide which lists the vehicles that offer the best gas mileage. Find it at Buying a model that stretches your gas budget will save you thousands over the years.

You can find how much you will spend on gas before you hit the road at ; it computes your car model and gas prices to give an exact quote. Log on also to from the American Automobile Assoc website were it will also tell you exactly how much you will spend on gas by entering your destination and your car model into the calculator.