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“Flowers bloom whenever their eyes meet each other's, and whenever they depend on each other. What does it matter if they wed in the snow or in the rain? They have each other to support and love, and that's all that should matter.”
Kim Dong Hwa


Getting marry? Consider buying “gently used” and overstock dresses donated by past brides and famous designers at . Other sites to look at are,, You can also use some of these sites to sell your wedding dress.

Consider a destination wedding which cost less because fewer guests and most couples don’t pay for guests to travel to the wedding. Check or check out national parks too. Most National Parks allow weddings and you only pay for a permit to rent a facility… the downside is that you have to bring everything else (chairs, tables, etc). Some parks like Yellowstone National Park and Grand Canyon National Park are suited for more formal weddings because they have chapels..

Need to buy cheap cool stuff for a wedding? Go to or any dollar tree store: 

Dollar Store Locations This is not a website... but if you are looking for great bargains a dollar prices... 

Other places similar to Dollar Store: is a gift card registry that offers a gift registry for  weddings

TIP: a place to buy wedding rings at a reasonable price: Blue Nile