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"Monogrammed gifts are always remembered and never regifted!" Unknown

Regifting gains popularity. Regift means to give an unwanted gift to someone else; to give as a gift something one previously received as a gift.  (Webster's New Millennium™ Dictionary of English, Preview Edition (v 0.9.6)). Regifting has gained in popularity since comedian Jerry Seinfeld first coined the term a decade ago. According to the Macmillian English Dictionary, the increasing popularity of the word and its recent link to online auctions has made the phenomenon of regifting more acceptable.  In fact, more than half of adults recently surveyed find regifting acceptable. Even the etiquette experts at the Emily Post Institute approve of the practice in some circumstances. In an effort to get people talking about the financial strains of holiday shopping, an organization launched a Web site devoted to regifting at The site features regifting do's and don'ts