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"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." ~Anatole France

If buying pet insurance is better to get one that covers 90% of invoice instead of 90% of reasonable and customary which could be very arbitrary.

Find a pet for less money even a purebred at a local shelter like . This is a list of pet rescue organizations were you can even find groups that focus on a particular breed. Other shelters: or

At you can get up to $50 of the adoption costs (fees, medical exams, spaying or neutering) when people 60 and older adopt a cat or a dog from one of 58 animal shelters in 31 states. , has a section on veterinary medicine with a subsection about health insurance and wellness plans for animals. There are interviews with numerous veterinary health insurance carriers, asking all of them the same questions, so you can go onto the site to read and compare the different plans that are available. With the ever-increasing cost of pet healthcare, this is a topic you may want to investigate, too.

 Two very good websites for ordering meds and supplies are  and . They will even get in touch with your vet to obtain the prescription, and the orders are delivered quickly. In addition, there are sometimes sales and reduced shipping costs, which will save you even more money.

Ask your vet what insurance pet policy he/she has found works best for his/her customers. 

Ask your vet what store bought dog treats can be replace with human snacks

 Sign up for Walgreens Prescription Savings Club ( a discount medication program that allows your pet as a dependent and receive discount on commonly pet medications.

In some states there is a pet food bank for people that lost their jobs. You can come in and get a month's supply of pet food up to 2 pets every month in exchange for  hours of volunteer work in your community plus other requirements. They also help you get your pet fix. Their website is Daffy's Pet Soup Kitchen