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“Buying the right computer and getting it to work properly is no more complicated than building a nuclear reactor from wristwatch parts in a darkened room using only your teeth.”

 Dave Barry quotes


hotspot plan from your cellphone. Tmobile and Sprint have good deals.

Check Google Duo - The simple video calling app, a

it's  free ....simple video calling app that brings you face-to-face with all the people that matter most.

It offers Video chatting across different devices.

Electronic Store buying guide from Consumer Reports

with unlimited local and long distance calling, caller ID, call waiting, voice mail)

Total Wireless, No-Contract Phone Plans, Prepaid Phones | Walmart ...

you can get a prepaid cell phone and data plan with no hidden fees or contracts. ... Total Wireless's no-contract plans let you pay for what you need and no more. ...

high speed internet with phone service)

Looking to save $ and ditch cable? Look into digital antenas over the air.. go to Put the street address were you live and this site will tell you
what kind of antenna you need. Also look for reviews online before buying a 
specific antenna.

Stay on top of deals by checking DealNews,a comparison shopping website for consumer electronics, apparel, and other products  

To buy used refurbished computers go to
To buy refurbished or used electronics go to Microcenter a retail chain with a vast stock of computers & parts, plus software, gaming supplies & electronics or go to Cowboom, a Best Buy company offering closeout prices on brand-name new, pre-owned and refurbished electronics. Make sure to check its warranty in case you need to return the merchandise. has great discounts on printer ink cartridges including all major brands. is a portal to hot deals mostly on electronics, computers and software.

Find free software like antivirus programs or software to edit your photos at

Recycle your electronics. The Consumer Electronics Association created the website where you find a recycling resource in your area.

 There are also some companies and organizations (refurbishers) that will take computers that are less than five years old that are still in working order and will donate them to a school or non-profit. To find a refurbisher near you go to Also many manufacturers will recycle previously used computers regardless of their age or origin. 

Save 50% on a computer laptop or desktop by getting a used one that’s been refurbished by a major manufacturer. Find them at and or You may get refurbished flat screen TV’s too at the above dell or hp website too.

Get a refurbished apple iPod saving 38% at and go to store and then click or refurbished iPod under special deals heading.

 Since 1997, Silicon Solar has been a family-run business delivering high-end and affordable solar solutions to more than 140,000 customers in more than 82 nations around the world. Go to  for more information.

The Trevor Bayliss Eco-media player is an MP3 and video player that does not use batteries. You just turn up the hand-crank  for a minute and you will get 40 minutes of power. Get it at

Get  all kinds of electronics at the affordable way at and  

More about green  technology  at

Log on to for free fix it advice to fix anything. Just ask. If your problem is not listed just post a new query.

 Find cheap phone services or cheap ways to call to and from the USA, check these options:
1) Ooma


Adobe's Photoshop CS3 is the premier image-editing application, but its $650 price tag is practically a king's ransom. Fortunately, there are several free alternatives available. For simple image editing, more than suffices. Originally developed as a senior project at the University of Washington, has since grown into a simple, yet effective image editor. If your picture editing needs are fairly straightforward, get at If you need something more powerful, you can try the famous GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) image editor. Like, it originally began as a student project at the University of California. While it lacks some of Photoshop's more esoteric features, the GIMP is nonetheless a powerful and complex image-manipulation tool. You can obtain it from


You can submit any question about a computer problem or question at and you will get a prompt answer from a volunteer expert.

If you need assistance with computer problems  go to and for any other computer problem try also


You can play computer games at no cost if you go to You can find games for young for older kids go to (search for games)  

You may be able to trade old electronics for new ones (like cell phones, computers or digital camera) at some of the best known electronics retailers like Amazon, Best Buy,  Circuit City, Tiger Direct and Staples. Just ask!


Find the cheapest computers and electronics by using for free reviews and price comparisons. offer access to TV shows and films can help you your e-mail filter out unwanted mail.

This free tool bar at will help you thwart phishing.                   


Destroy deleted files by using file shredding software like Eraser which is free at


Back it up: Don't lose your digital life

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