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“A bargain is something you can't use at a price you can't resist”

 Franklin P. Jones quotes (American Businessman, 1887-1929)



Bargaining Tips for Everyday Expenses

Outlet Malls: Finding the Best Deals | Consumer Reports

At you can get the latest ratings on products, updated prices thousands of product reviews and comparisons; the most reliable brands for the bargain hunter. You can also get product ratings, pricing, reviews and comparisons using your cell phone by using instant access… just text “CRSHOP” to 55655. You can save these rating reports by sending them to your home or work by e-mail. This is perfect to access if you are in the mall and see something you want to buy ….you can find out immediately is you are getting a good deal. There is an annual membership fee to access this site.

Retail Stores buying guide by Consumer Reports Yelp is the best way to find great local businesses

People use Yelp to search for everything from the city's tastiest burger to the most renowned cardiologist


Other places to go to check product reviews: and There are several sites that compare prices for a particular item at various stores:  , , , ;, ,  ,  is a free website that posts reviews from people who have purchased the product they are appraising.


By using  software you shop at the site of your favorite retailer (Amazon or Target) and the toolbar alerts you when an item is available elsewhere online for less.

Search to compare prices on over 30 million products offered by over 100,000 merchants. Relevant steals posted by our community appear in the search results so you never miss a hot discount, coupon or mail in rebate.


Ever notice the “coupon code” box when you are making a purchase online? You can get a money saving code just by typing the name of the site you are buying from and type “coupon code” into a search engine like Google. Or next time you are online shopping go to;,,,    or,,   to see if you can get promo codes or coupons for the sites where you shop.


Other site to get coupons


Learn what’s on sale at leading retail chains in the upcoming week at . The site provides prices, product descriptions and sales dates. collects weekly sale circulars and Sunday newspapers ads and puts them all in one place so you can just flip through with your computer mouse. To find the best deals you can look up sales by store or by product or do comparison on the Internet.

Sites like,  and feature lists of hot deals and include links to the coupon codes and rebate forms.

Find also the hottest online daily deals at

There is a price tracker at that you can use if you are looking for a particular item on sale. You create a topic alert with the item you are looking for and they will send you an e-mail when it goes on sale. Other price trackers you can check are, and


Find out about auctions on government surplus, seized and forfeited properties at

At (started by former police officers) you can bid on items from law enforcement agencies and other public municipalities. Same with were some districts get rid of old and unneeded merchandise including trucks, vans, washers, dryers, air conditioners and stoves


Use to get a sale price days or weeks later. Many stores offer “price guarantees” that give you a refund if an item you purchase goes on sale within 30 days or so. With this website there is no need to keep checking the store’s website address or sales flier. Instead just enter the website address of the item you purchased and the free tracking service will automatically send you an e-mail if it goes on sale within 30 days.


At you can plug in your favorite store items you want to buy and your size and you will get e-mail alerts about sales and specials.



Use your cell phone to get discount codes for things ranging from ice cream to hotel rooms; you will get these codes sent directly to your phone when you want them. Check  to sign for offers


If you are in a store and would like to know if an item sells for less online call Frucall, a free comparison shopping service. Simply call  888-DO-FRUCALL and enter the item’s barcode number. Within seconds you will hear a list of price quotes (shipping included) from online vendors, so you can be sure the price you pay really is rock bottom. Shoppers can register at to access their bookmarks and voice notes, review their search and purchasing history, or make a purchase


You can get a product you want at the price you want by visiting Just enter the item and name your price. The site will e-mail you an alert when the cost drops to your price requested.


Visit to find the biggest sales on everything from laundry detergents to crystal goblets. The site scours other sites like and for the best deals saving you money and time. keeps track of daily deals online from sites like, and The site lets you know how long the deep discounts are expected to last too.


According to Mary Hunt from the magazine Woman’s Day (column your money sneaky ways to save big) there is a new breed of shoppers arm themselves with coupon codes and rebates, then find a way to layer deal upon deal in a tactic called “triple dipping”. Here is how it works: go online and find the cheapest price on the item you are looking for. Use a shopping boot or comparison search engine like (Google shopping)  or . Next register at sites like or When you go to one of these sites first and click through to your qualifying purchase, you can earn cash back__ typically 2 to 8 percent. Then search for a coupon code that will effectively drop the price even further. If you find more than one offer (for example, a code for $20 off plus another for free shipping), try inputting both offers at checkout. And now for the cherry on top of your triple dip: pay with a credit card that gives you cash back, miles or some other reward, concludes Mary Hunt.

Log on to to see what other consumers have to say about that purchase. The site scours the Web gathering reviews from numerous sources to give you an accurate snapshot of how a product measures up.


If you are 50 and over you can enjoy discounts on everything from movie tickets, haircuts and baked goods. Just log on to


Before going to an outlet mall visit their websites first to find coupons for deeper discounts:  and


Find free shipping codes for online shopping at It may include listings of popular sites like The Gap, Amazon , Target and Office Depot


Do comparison shopping using your cell phone by sending a text message with a price search request to 4INFO(44636) and you will receive a text message telling you which online or traditional store has the lowest price. For more information go to 

Download coupons to your cell phone when making a purchase from  . Just show the salesclerk the coupon on your cell phone and she will scan it.


Before you check out or complete your order at an online store, Google the store name plus "coupons, codes, discounts." You will often find a code to enter that will save you money (percentage off, free shipping, etc). combs through millions of auction listings to find what you want.



Sign up at (look for Facebook Deals) and for deals in your area for local deals and spa treatment.