About me

Hello!! My name is Vielka Jones.
My background is in Biology and Education...
I have been working for the State of Massachusetts for the past 20+ years and my dream is to teach financial planning when I retire. 
Although I am very passionate about financial planning, I felt that I needed to earn the right to teach this subject. That is why I went to Fitchburg  State College and earned my MBA first. 
Still.... I realize later that this was not enough... they don't teach personal financial planning at the MBA level so I decided to earn my Certificate in Financial Planning from Florida State University and I also earned the title of Certified Financial Education Instructor from the National Financial Educators Council.
And I did all this by paying cash as I took classes with no need for any financial aid and no need for getting in debt by just following many of these principles that you will find all over this website.
This website will be used mainly as a tool in my future classes as a teacher of Financial Education!!