About this website

This website is  simply a collection of financial tips, links, videos and articles found in newspapers, magazines, books, blogs and websites.... information gathered throughout many years that will hopefully help all of you achieve your dreams and goals that are related to money.

And how this got started???........

I fell in love and married a GI many many years ago. As you all know soldiers don’t make a lot of money. We had a special needs child, I was not working and we were spending more than we were making. We were heading for trouble.

I started looking around for help. I was introduced for the first time to grocery coupons. I was fascinated with them.  I could not believe that a piece of paper that I could cut out of a magazine or newspaper  or that I could get for free inside a box that somebody put in the local library could be worth some money. It was not a lot of money thou ….. some of the coupons could be worth pennies but some could be worth up to a dollar.  I eagerly started collecting them and hence a passion for saving money and financial planning was born.

Fast forward to today, 29 years later. My husband retired a couple of years ago. I am working for the state government. Our son is still with us and will forever be. But thanks to this early financial planning our house is paid for, we have no debts and are financially at peace.  No, we are not rich or millionaires … we are in a perfect balance where we don’t have either too much or too little, we are just right financially speaking!! Being able not to worry about money has been so gratifying that I want to share some of what I have learned through out this journey with all of you.

This is how the idea of developing this website came about. This website called “SAVE INVEST PROTECT” is simply a collection of tips and information gathered throughout many years.  I started collecting financial tips and articles; links to blogs and websites because many times I would read something interesting but it was not applicable to my situation at that time like buying a car or selling a house.  So what I did is save the information in a word document for later use.

This document has grown to almost 200 pages. When browsing thru it, I was trying to find a better way of accessing the information I needed and that is when the idea of putting all this information in a website came up. The website is not perfect.. it is more of a work of art in progress.  So any suggestions to make it better or more user friendly is most welcome.