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 “Things may come to those who wait … but only the things left by those who hustle.”

Abraham Lincoln

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Starting your own business:
Log on to any criminal searches website and type the name of the person you want to hire as a babysitter, handyman, tutor or anyone you want to check up on. If he/she  has committed a crime that is in the public records it will show up.

Intelius Searches database records to assist locating people. Includes background and criminal 

checks and provides reverse phone number lookup. Fee based.

Get a free mini course on basics of running a store online by going to this link: 

If you want to be an entrepreneur use SCORE for seminars and guidance and mentorship. They help you with your business for free and offer educational seminars.
gives independent workers a powerful voice through political action, research, and thought leadership. We aim to ensure that independent contractors receive adequate rights, protections and professional benefits

Job Search | one search. all jobs. 
Click here to find millions of jobs from 

thousands of company web sites, job boards and newspapers. one search. all jobs. Even for international jobs.


Join a “time bank” where you can trade skills for “time dollars”. Then you can trade your “time dollars” for other services like computer repair, babysitting and even yoga classes. Visit to find one near you. You can also register with a barterign site where users leave feedback on folks they have bartered with in the past like or

Cash free transactions like trading for such things as dental work, eyeglasses, auto repairs, wedding services, tombstones, breast augmentation and Botox treatments are being facilitated through the Internet and barter exchange. Here are some bartering websites that you can look at: , and You can even go to and they also have a monthly barter posting across all cities.


At you can let millions of Facebook members know about items or favors you are willing to trade (cd’s, housework or catering) for things you want like an IPod, a computer or guitar lessons.


The Casual Capitalist will give you tips for making money in the share economy. It even has a Quiz to find out which sharing economy platform best fits your lifestyle Best Landlord Resource for landlord legal forms,rental lease agreements, tenant screening, rental laws, landlord articles, notices and more

 Mr. Landlord is THE #1 WEBSITE for do-it yourself landlords. Get the resources, advice, tools, services, training you need to build wealth with rental property

Screen your future tenants by using: 
 tenant screening helps identify the best tenants. Accurate credit, criminal, and eviction reports

Use Square Cash to instantly send money between friends or accept card payments for your business. Money deposits directly to your bank account.

Venmo - Share Payments allow your customers to pay you as easily as

 they pay their friends. Fewer taps and an intuitive user experience

 mean your customers speed through checkout.

Venmo and Square Cash will charge your tenants using their credit card. The tenant will pay a 3% surcharge if using a credit card. If they pay debit card they dont pay surcharge.

 75 Side Hustle Ideas

Find out what others in your field are paid at Is a good site to look at before asking for a raise!!

Find business mentors willing to share their secrets and find free business advice at or . Find the cash you need through low-risk micro loans which are easier to get than standard business loans. Log on to 

Small Business Administration offers free training for those interested in starting a business… go to for information.


Blogging is a no cost way to communicate with customers. You can even add photos. To get started log on to 

Post your own professional looking press release for free at and forward it to clients or simply sit back and wait for people to see it.

Google will help you find the best keywords for what you do and create an ad using them. Log on to . Then whenever someone searches for your services you will pop up.

If you have a college degree and you feel you have skills to tutor students online in math or science, English or social studies go to or

If you have a specific area of expertise and pretty good writing skills consider becoming an online expert guide. Guides are freelancers with an ability to communicate well (good grammas and spelling too). For example guides write articles or reviews in their area of expertise. Go to where you will find which areas of expertise are still open. Also try which is a search engine and click on “become a guide” for more information. At (go to become an expert for more information) guides are paid a percentage of the price users pay for the answers to their questions. 

Some stores will pay you up to $20/hr to handle customer queries from you home computer or phone. To try it log on to or,,,, and  or under careers.

Busy professionals pay well for the same services you provide your family like gift wrapping or dog walking. Check out listing at to get started. Other busy professionals may need personal assistants but cannot afford a permanent position on the payroll so they can hire people from remote locations to do their administrative work. These virtual assistants can handle all kinds of administrative projects like travel arrangements, event planning, correspondence and any other services that can be done remotely via e-mail and phone. Go to the International Virtual Assistants Association at, or  or and for more information.

Work as a Telemarketer by making cold calling cards for large companies from your home. Companies hiring home-based workers include, and

Some companies will pay you to sit on mock juries to give attorneys and other jury consultants, feedback on cases they are currently handling. Your verdict will give them an idea of how things might go. Go to or hires phone-triage nurses to work for pharmaceutical company, insurance companies or other health organizations to provide health and medical related services from their homes You have to be a registered nurse.

You can be a medical transcriptionist from home typing for doctors. Find more at  or provides small loans ($500-$10,000) just for women entrepreneurs who need financial help starting a business.

Make money shopping. Mystery shoppers earn $25-$50 per project for sharing their shopping experience with company executives. Visit for more information or go to where mystery shoppers go to find work, ask questions and chat. Also check Smiley University which is an online school for mystery shoppers at

Organize files and closets and make money at

You may have to keep working during your retirement years to supplement social security and your 401K. Use the Web to find companies eager to hire older workers like,,, , . Some websites specialize in a particular career area. focuses on mid-level and executive positions in the non-profit, government, health and education sectors recruits experienced scientists, engineers and product developers for short term assignments lists short and long term job opportunities for retirees with experience including consultant and management positions all over the world

Want to work as a babysitter, nanny or pet sitter. Apply for free at


If you’d like professional help, one web site we like is  . You'll find news and resources for people who have lost their jobs.


Get free business cards at You can go to this online printing company and create your card and you pay only shipping.


There are some flexible hours staffing firms that find work for at home mothers:,,  , and


Small business administration has a series of videos to start your own business at


For information on finding trustworthy at-home work opportunities:

Work From Home guide | Clark Howard  and click on “For Consumers” offers resources and ideas on working from home , type “work at home scam” in search box


Other sites to look at: and (free lance sites that links clients with about 90,000 skilled free lancers like in the information technology like programmers and web developers also they look into graphic design, engineering, writing, translation, marketing , accounting , administrative and legal services)


If you like providing customer service, selling or making cold calls there are companies that outsource call center services for retailers, infomercial vendors and other clients using home agents. Sites to look for are,,,,,


If you like the idea of being a “virtual assistant” a jack of all trade who performs online many of the same services as an administrative assistant aide in a brick and mortar office offers links to clients. You take calls, booking events or travel or other tasks. Will need mandatory test on typing, computer and phone skills.


Other sites serve a job boards like,,, . They will charge a fee for access. 

 50 ways to make a fast $50   if you find yourself needing extra cash, there are plenty of ways to earn it — now more than ever.

Work from home with Amazon Mechanical Turk:  MTurk refers to the micro-jobs it offers as Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs). Each HIT represents a single, self-contained task that a worker can complete and submit for payment. Various businesses submit HITs to the platform and workers pick and choose the ones that appeal to them. There are literally thousands of micro-jobs available to complete at any given moment. The time commitment and the pay rate for each HIT can vary significantly — most tasks don’t require any special skills.