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Lending Money/Finding Money

“Money flows from those who don’t manage it and to those who do”  _Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University




TIP: On peer to peer lending you might get more interest than is a savings account. Always lend to people with low or medium risk (lend to people with decent credit), spread your money into many accounts and use only play money or fun money  to invest because it can be very risly.. do not invest more than 2% of your portfolio. is a new site that allows ordinary consumers to lend and borrow directly from each other. It invites you to join the nation’s first online marketplace for people-to-people lending where people who need money request it and other people bid for the privilege of lending it to them. Designed as an eBay for loans, ( says it can give you better terms than you would get on bank loans or credit cards, while allowing those who lend to you the chance to earn higher rates than they would find in savings accounts or money market funds. Other sites to check are and Also check out for a list of independent sites that help set rates and evaluate financial  partners. 

There is an estimated $24 billion in savings accounts, stock dividends, paychecks, utility deposits and insurance proceeds waiting to be claimed. There may be money out there with you name on it. By law, companies must turn over to state government for safe keeping. To find yours go to  or run by the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators. Start by clicking on the link to your state’s site. Then be sure to check every state in which you ever lived. They do not charge any fees for the service.

It is estimated that one person in every ten has abandoned property. According to the Massachusetts Abandoned Property Laws, most financial assets that have been inactive for more than three years are declared “abandoned” and turned over to the Commonwealth. If you want more information  or question or want to file a claim for your property go to and look for abandoned property. You can also look if you are a beneficiary of a deceased retiree who took Option B benefit and work for the State.

Transfer money overseas to love ones (for example to someone who lost money overseas on a trip):

1) Transfer Money Online | Send Money Abroad with TransferWise

2) PayPal: Send Money, Pay Online or Set Up a Merchant Account

3) Venmo - Share Payments

4) Square Cash - Send Money Instantly