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Julia Scott writes the savvy-spending blog She is a cheapskate by nature and a journalist by training.

PERSONAL FINANCE will give you specific ideas about saving deals.

Go to  and save!!

Look at to learn the basics of finance: learn the basics of IRAs, investments and financial planning. They also do a study of banks and their fees. Compare what you are paying at your bank to other banks. You might save money by going to the one with less or cheaper fees.

Pay off debt using financial calculators at

Use tools on the Web to learn about money management and investing like   Compare bank rates on CD’s and Money Market accounts at or also got to individual banks website and last check with your broker if they are online or full service

Join a women’s investment club. Find one through the NAIC Web site,

Join a money club which is a support group that pools resources to learn about saving and investing:

At you will find hundreds of money saving ideas and tips that will teach you how to live better for less.

To help you get your savings on track, The American Savings Education Council has calculators, strategies and tips on its web site at . : 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy is a free program of the nation’s  certified public  accountants to help America understand their  personal  finances through every stage of life.