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Homeowner's Insurance

"People who live in glass houses should take out insurance."


Best homeowners insurances according to Consumer Reports:

TIP: On homeowner's insurance choose a high deductible of $2,500 or more to save money and avoid filing claims on small amounts. Use it for catastrophic situations not for everyday claims.

TIP: (From Clark Howard And if at-Clark Howard: Advice You Can Trust. Money in Your Pocket ) Avoid filing small claims with the home owner's insurance because you run the risk of being drop by them no matter how many years you have been with them. And if they drop you word will get out and no other insurance will cover you. What you need to you: 
1) Raise the deductible as high as you can, this will reduce your premiums and you will avoid making small claims.
2) If you have a real catastrophe then make a claim.