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Sell a House

TIP: When selling a home , put a price (not too high) that will create a lot of traffic ... in the end will get you the highest price. If your price it too high.. it will linger in the market and you will end up with less money in the end. How to find the right price for your home? Drive thru your neighborhood and look for the names you see often on For Sale signs for homes. There are usually 3-4 agents that sell most of the real estate in your neighborhood. Call each one of them in and ask them to assess the value of your home. Tell them you want to price the home to sell in a few weeks not months.

Classifieds at www.Craiglist.com (look for real estate for sale), www.eBay.com    are forums for home listings if you want to bypass a traditional broker when selling your house. Consider also discount brokers such as www.Redfin.com , www.Help-U-Sell.com ,   and  www.ZipRealty.com  or

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Moving Expenses

Visit www.Moving.org  for expert advice in making an informed decision on hiring a professional mover you can trust. 

TIP: videotape everything before moving. Get replacement value insurance to replace what comes missing or broken