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Rent a Room or a Home

You never know how many friends you have until you rent a house on the beach Unknown

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Generally, rent you receive is taxable to you as income, according to the IRS. But you can generally deduct expenses from your rental income. Expenses such as interest, taxes, maintenance, utilities, and insurance can reduce the amount of rental income that is taxed. For more information about the tax treatment of rental income read Rental Income and Expenses the IRS Web site.

There are special rules relating to the rental of property that you also use as your main home. Make sure you read IRS Topic 415: Renting Residential and Vacation Property that you also use as a home, your deductible rental expenses will be limited.

Clearly the hardest part is finding the right tenant; one that won't be trifling'. So do your homework. Be sure to do a credit check on the potential renter, even if it's someone you know.

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IRS: Renting Your Vacation Home

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