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Home Swapping

If you would like to exchange homes all you have to do is list your home on several “swapping” web sites. More and more people are exchanging their homes with strangers around the country and the world.  House swapping appeals to retired people who have flexible schedules as well as younger people who like to get away for a long weekend. You put your home or vacation home on a web site and choose the places you would like to visit. Most home swapping web sites charge annual fees. Here are a few sites:

www.homelink.org (Homelink International);  www.gti-home-exchange.com (Green Theme International); www.intervac-online.com (Intervac); www.digsville.com (Digsville); www.homeexchange.com (Home Exchnage.com);  www.homeforexchange.com (HomeForExchange.com) and www.ihen.com (International Home Exchange Network).

3RD HOME Luxury Home Exchange Club3RD HOME is the premier home exchange

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