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Credit Cards

Choosing the Right Credit Card

-Always pay balance in full to avoid paying interest and never charge more than 30% of your available credit.
-Ask the credit card company to reduced your interest rate... 8 out of 10 get a lower interest rate
-Ask for waiver of late payment fee... almost 90% that ask get it if you have a good payment record and great payment history

To find the best deals go to www.creditcardratings.com and www.lowcards.com . Some credit cards offer up to 5% cash back. If you carry a balance use the lowest rate card. Best cash back cards for you can be found at NerdWallet or Credit Card Tune Up

At www.creditcardclients.com/savings-agent you can plug in your credit card name and balance and it will find a card with a cheaper rate.

To make an airline frequent flyer credit card work for you, you need to fly a decent amount on that airline and charge over $25,000 a year minimum. If you cannot meet these two conditions , paying an annual fee is a waste of money.
If you need a few extra frequent flier miles to get a free flight or upgrade you can go shopping instead of taking another vacation. Many airlines allow you to earn frequent flyer miles when you shop at major retailers through their website. Find out if your favorite airline offers this option at www.webflyer.com.


Go to www.creditcards.com that helps you switch from a high credit card rate to a lower rate.

Trim finds the subscriptions on your credit card and cancels the ones you don't want

Block the furry of credit card offers or insurance  offers by calling 1-888-567-8688 or visit www.optoutprescreen.com .  Both are operated by the three major credit bureaus and are free of charge. You need to provide your name, address and social security number. You can opt out for family members if you are their legal guardians. Opting out lasts 5 years unless you send a written request stating it to be permanent.

Prepaid Cards

Teach your teen good spending habits by managing money with a pre-paid MasterCard. This new website www.payjr.com gives you the ability to control how much he/she spends and where he/she spends it. You can register for free at the site and log on when you want to transfer money to your child’s credit card. You will get an e-mail or text message every time he/she uses it.
If you had credit problems in the past or never had credit, you can put your money into a credit union in a program called FRESGH START and they will issue you a "probationary" visa or master card with a low credit limit. After you demonstrate a record of on time payments you are allowed to leave the probationary status and get a regular credit card.
Also if you have no credit or damage credit use a secure credit card were you do a deposit and the only money you can take out is below your deposit. After 12-18 months of making on time payments you will graduate to a real credit card.

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