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"If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world."
J.R.R. Tolkien

Night Entertainment

Scoring Cheap Tickets

Atom ~ Movies, Showtimes, Buy Tickets & More Atom is a new movie ticketing 

app and website that makes going to the movies easy again. Atom has simplified 

everything from finding the movie you want to see, to coordinating with friends, to

 buying concessions. Atom is movie-going for the twenty-first century.With Atom, 

you can browse showtimes for movies in your area, get friends on the same page

 about what movie to see, organize a night out at the movies, and skip the lines 

by purchasing tickets and preordering your concessions.

Buy a local entertainment book for $25 at www.entertainment.com which is loaded with coupons for about $5-$2 off for your favorite eateries as well as stores, half price movie tickets and sporting  events

You can also buy movie tickets in bulk at AAA, Costco, Sam’s Club or join the movie club card at your favorite theater and you could earn complimentary tickets and other discounts.

www.stubhub.com is a website that offers tickets to sports games and live shows by fans who buy the tickets and cannot make it to the event. All tickets are guarantee.

If there is a show you must see go to www.seatquest.com  . Plug in the event, the number of seats you want and your price range and the site will produce a seating chart showing what’s available from a variety of secondary sources. Prices will vary depending on who’s selling and you might find a bargain.

If you like to go to the movies a lot … purchase movie tickets is  bulk (50 minimum) from Regal Cinemas, United Artists and Edwards Theaters by going to Discount ticketts  . Prices can go as cheap as $8 per ticket. You can buy one batch and split it with neighbors, friends and family. 

www.starz.com  offers unlimited movie downloads

www.half.com you can buy and sell previously owned movies.There is no fee to list the items but the company takes a commission on every completed sales.

Type a movie you like at www.liveplasma.com and you’ll get suggestions for other similar style films.

RedBox has more than 10,000 kiosk nationwide which dispenses recently released DVD’s for $1 per night. To find a kiosk near you go to www.redbox.com

Save Money on Cable Bills

Tip: Find out what channels you actually watch and how to access them in a cheap way, Here are 3 alternatives to pay TV subscriptions were you can get just the channels you really watch and save a lot:

1) Cancel your cable (or satellite TV) subscriptions in order to save money now that Web sites such as www.Hulu.com are making it possible to watch movies and TV shows in their entirety for free.

2) By getting a $7.99 Netflix account ( www.netflix.com) you can get thousands of movies and TV shows as instant downloads on your computer. You can also log on to www.sidereel.com to watch some recent releases for free.

3) Looking for a replacement for pay TV... try Sling TV. They have different packages 

You can also use a Roku | Streaming TV & Media Player

or a smart TV using the above.