“Almost any man knows how to make money, but no one in a million knows how to spend it”  _Henry David Thoreau

”You will either learn to manage money,  or the lack of it will always manage you” _Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University

“Learn to spend purposefully” heard on Dave Ramsey’s counselor training

 "My problem lies in reconciling my gross habits with my net income." - Errol Flynn


How to Build a Budget

How keeping a Budget helps you pay bills

You can start a budget anytime even if you are behind in your bills. A budget is telling your income were it's going to go. What are you going to do with the money. Give all those dollars an assignment starting with the basic elements for your survival as a family: food, clothing, shelter and utility. If you are behind .your first goal is to pay the minimum on the rest. If you are using the envelope system... just put money in checking account for different items like food and cash a check and put this cash in the food envelope.

Get free money management software at www.myspendingplan.com.

Find good free online budgeting programs at www.mint.com and Yodlee Money Center (look under consumers) Log on to www.mint.com and enter your bank account and credit card information and the secure site analyzes your spending to give you a free budget breakdown and personalized cost cutting tips. The program is free and secure. Mint hopes to help users get a better handle on where their money is going, how much is in each account and what can be done to budget that money more efficiently. Other money related software programs you can us but you will have to pay for them if you prefer not to do this online are Intuit Quicken and Microsoft Money. Mint was created more for 20 something’s who want to pay more attention to their finances but do not want to take hours each week to do so.

Here are some video tutorials on how to use Mint: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE371C366BB5302C0

 EveryDollar Budget EveryDollar is based on a proven plan that’s helped millions of people take control of their money, get out of debt, and save so they can live and give like never before! Whatever your life goals may be, EveryDollar will help you get there.

Budgeting and Saving Guide from Consumer Reports

If you don’t like putting your information online buy Quicken Deluxe which stores your data on your own computer http://quicksof.com/quicken-products

If you prefer not to put your information on the Internet then try using an Excel Spreadsheet:

Budget using Excel Spreadsheet

Mvelopes: Award Winning Budgeting App

takes the idea of physically allocating funds into paper envelopes to the digital world with its online budgeting software. Ideal tool if you are a shopaholic.

Don't buy something you cannot afford