Your mission...if you choose to accept to

Save Humpty Dumpty from his lethal fall. In order to be successful, you will need to do extensive research. Your research will include the use of non-fiction and fiction text, Internet resources, video and science and math inquiries. As you investigate the fall, be sure to determine which scientific and mathemathical information will help you design the solution.  It will be imperative that you take careful notes and collaborate with your team throughout the process.  
Challenge Criteria
  • Must get Humpty to the ground
  • Must slow Humpty’s fall
  • Humpty must not fall or bounce onto the ground 
  • Humpty must remain unharmed
    (no cracks, breaks, or bruises)
Challenge Constraints
  • Nothing can be attached directly to Humpty
  • Humpty must not be place inside anything that is not a part of the device.* No safety gear!
  • Humpty must be able to breathe and be easily removed from the device
  • Can use only materials provided
  • Not all materials must be used
  • Must be completed within time constraints