Save Holmdel Open Space from sale by Township - Cross Farm & Plum Lane January-February 2012

February 2012 Letter to Township Residents from Bill Cahill and Tony Cooper

2/23/2012 Article on Baykeeper concern on Land Sale

2/16/2012 Bill and Elissa Cahill's letter to the editor.  Independent

2/13/2012 Patch Article on February 12 Rally at Cross Farm

2/12/2012 Linda Wood's letter to the editor.  Patch

2/10/2012 Announcement of Feb 12 Rally.  Patch

2/9/2012 Article on Land Sale Independent

2/3/2012 Article on February 2 Hearing.  Patch

2/3/2012 Article on postponement of Ordinance.  Asbury Park Press

2/2/2012 Leo Slobodin's Letter to Editor Patch

2/1/2012 Tom Wood's Letter to the Editor Asbury Park Press

1/31/2012 Article on upcoming Hearing and Rally on Feb 2  Patch

1/31/2012 Article on change in ordinance to limit cross farm sale to 12 acres.  Patch

1/29/2012 Article on 1/19 Meeting and other issues Patch

1/26/2012 Tom Wood's letter to the editor.  Patch

1/26/2012 Tom Wood's letter to the editor  Independent

1/26/2012 Independent Article on Land Sale

1/23/2012 Press Article on Land Sale Asbury Park Press

1/19/2012 Article on Katz (Administrator) Patch

1/19/2012 Mike Rauchwerk's letter to the editor Independent

1/6/2012 Article On Ordinance Patch

10/23/2011 Article on Henry Cross. Patch

10/18/2011 Article on Cross Farm Racetrack.  Patch

Below From Approved State Agriculture Development Committee
Comprehensive Farmland Preservation Plan & Planning Incentive Grant Application
Presented by Holmdel Township Zoning Board
Adopted by Holmdel Township Planning Board 11/30/2010

Serena DiMaso, Mayor
Patrick Impreveduto, Deputy Mayor
Larry Fink, Committeeman
Rocco Pascucci, Committeeman
Janet Berk, Committeeman




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