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The First One

posted 17 Apr 2012, 14:18 by Friern Barnet
The First People's Library

The weather being sunny and blue added to blow away the woes of despair left by the Cabinet's decision to close our nearby beloved FBL. Our group whilst supportive of the idea of a People's library, understand it is by no means a replacement library service. Barnet Council struck the axe on that idea last week. Our position was always to maintain a public service library with paid librarians as the most valued resource of our taxes. No amount of volunteering could ever come close to the quality service of a paid librarian with the infrastructure to match of a council run service. 

A library goes beyond the scope of books and touches the lives of our diverse community without which, generations are deprived of a public space, a place of refuge, contact and sense of community, information on welfare benefits, a resource and a community centre. 

On Saturday, the passion of our community was broadcast nationally from our green, while perhaps inside our hearts, many of us lamented the bitter taste of the loss of our library, while recovering from the shock that thousands of local residents in Friern Barnet had not been heard by our local authority to keep our library OPEN!