Meeting 7pm at Hendon Town Hall on Wednesday 29th

The Business Management Overview and Scrutiny Committee will be considering the decision by Cabinet to proceed with the closure of Friern Barnet Library on Wednesday 29 February. 

We would like to urge everyone to email the members of the Scrutiny Committee ahead of Wednesday's meeting. At the Scrutiny Committee meeting in September, at which the Library Strategy was called in, the vote to send the Strategy back to Cabinet was spilt 50/50, with the Chairman having the deciding vote and choosing not to send it back. We expect it to be fairly balanced again, so your emails and support can make a difference. 

The decision has been called in under the following points, so it would be very helpful if emails to members could focus on these issues:

1. The figures relating to the Save Friern Barnet Library Group (SFBLG) bid given to Cabinet Members were incorrect.

2. The community have been completely misled about the possibility of using the current Friern Barnet Library site. The expression of interest document clearly states that renting the building was a possibility, yet they have now been told that a capital receipt for the land is what the administration want and the decision to close the Library has already been made.

3. Assurances were given that Friern Barnet Library would not close before services were transferred to the artsdepot, but the new Landmark Library proposed at artsdepot will not be in place when the Friern Barnet Library closes on 31st March.

Objectives for call-in: To refer the decision back to Cabinet to delay it until a proper assessment of the SFBLG bid is undertaken, until clarity is obtained about the use of Friern Barnet Library site and, in the event that all this fails, to ensure that Friern Barnet Library is not closed until services are transferred to the artsdepot.

The members of the Business Management Overview and Scrutiny Committee are: 

Hugh Rayner (Chairman)    

Brian Salinger (Vice-Chairman)

Maureen Braun                    

Jack Cohen                          

Dean Cohen                         

Brian Gordon                        

Kathy McGuirk                    

Alison Moore                         

Barry Rawlings                     

Rowan Turner                       

Please do come along on Wednesday and show your support.

Business Management Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Wednesday 29 February 2012 at 7pm

Hendon Town Hall, The Burroughs, Hendon

Best regards,

Fiona Cochrane

Chair, Save Friern Barnet Library Group

Write to the members of the scrutiny committee to persuade them to block the closure of FBL:,,,,,,,,,