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31st January 2012

posted 3 Feb 2012, 07:02 by Friern Barnet   [ updated 19 Feb 2012, 17:10 by Ben Ally ]

The Save Friern Barnet Library Group is proud to be a part of the national celebrations taking place this Saturday for National Libraries Day. Our event runs from 2-4pm, beginning with a community walk from the old Town Hall in Friern Barnet (corner of Friern Barnet Road and Friern Barnet Lane) to Friern Barnet Library. This is a celebration of our library and the many positive services it delivers on a regular basis to our community in Friern Barnet.

We have grown as a community to learn, value and love our library. We have always been overwhelmed by the strength of feeling and support held by many thousands of people, young and old, sharing the joy and fun experienced at Friern Barnet Library.

Alfred Rurangirwa, 50, from Holly Park Road said it was a:

“A place near my home, attractive by its architectural aspect, where I can have access to the internet, print, read

or borrow books at no cost; a place very useful for the

children's education; a place which let me stay confident

and where I can meet other people, to interact and socialise.

FBL always reminds me of the day I found books about ancient Greek-Roman civilizations that I had lost in 94’ Rwanda genocide.

They keep us informed and updated. They are a free service offered in a friendly and comfortable environment. It helped improve my children’s English through reading,

particularly during ‘Summer Challenge Reading.’ It helps

them to do their homework as they can do research in

books, the internet and be able to print off school projects. I

use it for internet, reading newspapers, read adverts for job

opportunities, meetings and seeking advice from the

librarian’s Ladies. I keep my fingers crossed to keep our

lovely FBL.”

It marks a special day across the country, celebrating a variety of events across the UK. You can see more information about the scale and range of events  and like our event, we hope people come out and support their libraries.

The day is about the work done at schools, college and university, workplace and public libraries. It aims to promote learning, literacy and the enjoyment of reading to all.

Our Walk To The Library Week was one example of demonstrating the strong bonds between schools, education and children enjoying a safe environment from which to learn about new worlds and build their confidence in their development and education.

The events make it a great opportunity to visit your local library, as we are planning to enjoy ours at Friern Barnet.

To mark the occasion, twenty three of our most talented writers have contributed to The Library Book, published by Profile Books in aid of The Reading Agency’s library programmes. The authors explore the significance of libraries both from a personal perspective and examine their influence both present and past. The contributors include: Julian Barnes, Alan Bennett, Stephen Fry, Lucy Mangan, Val McDermid, Caitlin Moran, Kate Mosse, Zadie Smith and Nicky Wire from the Manic Street Preachers.

Alan Gibbons, who has supported our campaign from the beginning and helped to publicise our message of hope to keep our library open said:

“The ability to read is at the heart of being a civilized human being.Research from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development shows that reading for pleasure is the single biggest indicator of our social and academic success, even more important than our social class. Your local library is the place you can choose a book, use a computer, and find out about local history, do research, and attend literary events, access community facilities and so much more. Now here’s the thing, it is free to use. Libraries and librarians make a huge difference.

National Literacy Trust research found that that a child who goes to a library is twice as likely to read well as one who does not. So what are you doing on Saturday, 4th February and the week leading up to it? Can you hold a story telling, a read-in, a poetry session, hold a talk about the history of your town? Could you have a party to celebrate reading? Pop down to your local library. Make sure you use it, love it, join it.”

We hope as many people as possible can come to enjoy and celebrate National Libraries Day on 4th February.