YOU ASK THE QUESTIONS – 3rd meeting 18 March West Hendon

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If elected, what will Conservative, Labour, LibDem and Green parties do about
housing, education, healthcare in Barnet, employment, the local economy, culture
and sports provision, social care, the ‘bedroom tax’, parking and the environment?
What do they think about local democracy and the way to provide services? What
do you want to know about their plans and policies before you vote on 22 May?
Barnet Alliance for Public Services has organized a series of public meetings so
that you can ask the questions and tell candidates what you expect from your
elected councillors. Joining the politicians from the four parties on the panel will be
Barnet blogger Mr Reasonable.
Come to a meeting near you and get the answers.

This is an opportunity to find out what lies behind campaign promises and
to have your say.
You can email questions in advance. Be sure to give your name and say which meeting you will be attending.

You can also download and distribute the invitation leaflet from here.
The future of Barnet Council is in your hands.

Read about the 1st meeting that took place on 22 January in EDGWARE meeting here.


Tuesday, 18 March 2014
7-9pm, doors open 6.30
Barnet Multicultural Centre,
Algernon Road, NW4 3TA

Thursday, 10 April 2014
7-9pm, doors open 6.30
Greek Cypriot Centre,
2 Britannia Road, N12 9RU

Book Launch Tonight!

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Book Launch at the library 19th October 6pm

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Saturday 19th October, 6:00pm.

Following a community book launch on Tuesday 5th September about Friern Barnet library, we are pleased to announce a second book launch Friern Barnet Library - the library that refused to close. At the launch you will be able to chat to the blogger-contributors and listen to songs by the young students of Suzi Earnshaw's school at The Bull Theatre, Barnet.

Friern Barnet Community library planning day 14th July

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Monday 1st July, 7 pm
Greek Cypriot Centre
Britannia Road N12 9RU

This will be an opportunity to join BAPS as a member or renew the membership and contribute to the community campaign to defend and improve public services in Barnet.


The business part of the AGM will be followed by a talk by
Gerald Shamash
Maria Nash's solicitor in her Judicial Review:
'One Barnet' Council On Trial
Refreshments provided

Please email motions and nominations for officers by 20 June '13
or post to: Barnet Alliance C/O 48 Queens Ave. London N3 2NP.

Only members may suggest motions and make nominations or self-nominations, so please join as a member.
Membership subscriptions are £5 per year. To join send your details and post the membership fee to the address above.

Nominations are sought for:
Coordinator, Secretary, Treasurer, Press officer.

For further information please contact us on 07534-407703.

FREE Public Speaking training Sat 1 June 2 PM Edgware

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Dear all,

BAPS would like to invite you for a 3 hours free training in Public Speaking.

This will be given by an experienced trainer, Louise Chinnery from Unison, and will take place on:

Saturday 1st June at 2 pm

at the Larches Community hall,

1 Rectory Lane, Edgware, Middlesex, HA8 7LF

Please let us know by Reply if you are interested in coming, and please circulate this to your supporters or any community campaign, Residents Association or group that I may have missed.


The objective behind organising this training is to equip more people from our community with the tools for influencing effective change, speaking in public being one of these tools. We recently benefited from another excellent training about recruitment and fund raising.


The training will aim to cover some of the issues like:

“What is my aim” behind the speech / talk in question. Asses who the audience isAm I simply giving information about what my campaign/group is and what it does? Do I want people to come and participate in X activity? How do I mix the two points above effectively? i.e. in a 20 minute speech how much time do I designate for Introduction to the organisation and how much time for the announcement of the event.   How to recognise the audience reactions and tune the pace and contents accordingly effective ways of recording what went well / wrong in a speech and how to improve it for the next time.

Learn to differentiate between various types of public speaking occasions (talk about the campaign, speech in a demo, delivering statement/message of solidarity, speaking at a conference, etc.) Learn how to prepare such talks for time limited slots - e.g. "All you ever wanted to know about the the One Barnet Programme & BAPS in 3/10/20 minutes. Develop confidence by exercises, positive peer critique & self reflection Train in the actual presentation. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity.


See you there,

Tirza Waisel



Please Join CADDSS on 29th May

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Sent on behalf of BAPS
Mayday, Mayday, Mayday!        Mayday, Mayday, Mayday!         

This is a real distress call on behalf of adult Barnet residents with severe disabilities, who can never be left on their own. 

v Service users and their families, whose services are now provided by the private company, Your Choice Barnet Ltd., are in real distress.


v Because Your Choice Barnet Ltd. is in financial difficulties they are making changes to staffing and virtually doubling charges for some services.


Help us lobby the board meeting of Your Choice Barnet Ltd on Wednesday, 29 May.  Meet at Barnet House,1255 High Road, Whetstone N20 0EJ at 5.30 pm.

Come to our campaign meetings.  The next one will be on Thursday, 6 June at 7.00 pm at The Greek Cypriot Centre, Britannia Road, London N12 9RU.



v Barnet Council outsourced these services so that it could wash its hands of its responsibility for the care of adults with severe disabilities.


v Barnet Council created Your Choice Barnet Ltd.  to make a profit for the council.


v Barnet Council cannot outsource its “duty of care” to vulnerable

Barnet  residents.



Our campaign group, the Campaign Against the Destruction of Disabled Support Services (CADDSS) , is sending out this urgent distress call. Please join the lobby on Wednesday, 29 May.



Mayday, Mayday, Mayday!       Mayday, Mayday, Mayday!        




Colour-field splash Paintings by Mike Bernstein

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Local artist exhibiting at Friern Barnet Library on Saturday 23rd March 2013.

My artistic and scientific development run a parallel course. I studied physics at university and taught maths in secondary education until 1987. From 1982 to 1987 I attended evening classes in painting, print-making and sculpture. From 1987 to 2005 I exhibited and sold my work in Covent Garden, London , and at my OXO tower studio by the River Thames. The oeuvre was conventional, thematically nostalgic and    stylistically dependant on late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century modes of representation. The art was rooted in a classical tradition. It was out of sympathy with the conceptual development  in both art and science of the modern era.  My art needed a revolution.

In 2005, some hundred years after the scientific revolution emerging from Einstein’s theory of special relativity, my artistic development caught up with the twentieth century. It became abstract in appearance; it was expressionistic in delivery and by chance stumbled into the twentieth century, which by then was just ending.

During this period I had begun to study, as an interested dilettante, developments in twentieth-century physics. I looked at relativity, both special and general, also at quantum mechanics, the standard model, field theory, string theory, and many other speculative theories. The art followed, stumbling by chance into string theory with photons and gravitons emerging from the nozzle of my replacement paint brush, a plastic bottle.

Like Jackson Pollock I throw my paint at the canvas but with more energy and to my surprise a field of paint (analogous to a quantum mechanical force field) emerges as a worldsheet complete with photons and gravitons; as a Ricci flow perhaps.

Having reached the twenty-first century the art is catching up with the science.

There is much still to be explored: the Higgs field and the Higgs Boson, dark matter, dark energy and much else. I must keep abreast with the science coming from CERN and incorporate it into my art and not fall back into the false security of nineteenth-century science and representation!

View my action paintings as performance art on youtube at


Barnet Spring march – support so far

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Click here for the latest information Barnet Spring

The list of speakers and supporters for the Barnet Spring march on Saturday 23 March is growing each day. Join us at Finchley Central tube station at 11am for a rally and march (sets off 12 noon) to Friern Barnet Community Library.

There will be a bus for those who prefer not to walk all or part of the way.

Please send messages of support to Follow us on Twitter: @BarnetAlliance – hashtags: #BarnetSpring #OurBarnet #OneBarnet #Crapita



Tony Benn

John McDonnell MP

Owen Jones - journalist

Christina McAnea - UNISON Assistant General Secretary NHS

Shirley Franklin – Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition

Fiona Evans – Save Newcastle Libraries campaign

Andrew Dismore AM - Barnet and Camden, Greater London Assembly

Jenny Jones AM – Green Party, Greater London Assembly

John Sullivan – resident, on the campaign to bring ‘Your Choice Barnet’ back in-house

Stan Davison -  Barnet 55+ Forum

Tom Youlden- Save Barnet NHS

Peter Phoenix – Occupy

Paul Kershaw – Chair, Unite Housing workers

John McLoughlin - UNISON SGE

Paul Nicholson – 1,000 Mothers March

Nick Grant, NUT, NEC

Sarah Sackman - barrister for Friern Barnet Community Library

Alistair Smith – Anti-Academies Alliance and NUT

Mary Turner – GMB

Max Watson – UNISON NEC

Dr Tony O’Sullivan – Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign

Martin Russo – Save Friern Barnet Library Group

Ed Bobber – Norfolk Coalition Against the Cuts

Alon Or-Bach – Finchley & Golders Green Labour Party


Contingents joining the march

Barnet TUC

Brent Fightback


Coalition of Resistance

Hackney UNISON

Haringey UNISON

Kensington & Chelsea UNISON

Lambeth UNISON

London Metropolitan University UNISON

Middlesex University UNISON

Southwark UNISON

1,000 Mothers in Haringey

Tower Hamlets UNISON

Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition

Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign Unite Housing workers


Messages of support (check for updates)

“The TUC is proud to offer our 100 per cent support to your campaign to resist the senseless, ideological cuts and privatisations that are destroying public services in Barnet. By bringing together trade unionists, community activists and local people, your grassroots campaign has had a huge impact and where Barnet has led others need to follow. Barnet Trades Council, the Barnet Alliance for Public Services and everyone involved in the campaign deserve enormous credit for what you have achieved. But with the council slashing the facility time that enables union reps to do their jobs, and with Capita set to be awarded contracts worth up to £1 billion to run services in the borough, we need to step up our campaigning. The people of Barnet and the people of Britain do not want Ryanair-style public services where nothing’s included and everything costs extra. Together we can make a difference: as we’ve seen with Friern Barnet library, collective action gets results.”

Frances O’Grady, TUC General Secretary


“DPAC fully supports the campaign to oppose the privatisation of public services in Barnet. What is happening in Barnet is important to everyone because Barnet is only just the beginning and if this is allowed to happen in one area it could happen anywhere.

“Disabled people have fought long and hard for public sector duties to promote our rights, and privatisation will cynically evade responsibilities towards equality and inclusion.

“Where private companies are squeezing profit out of already under funded services the result can only be sub standard services. For disabled people who rely on services that means people’s lives on the line.

“Disabled people have seen the care that private companies have for us from our experiences with the Work Capability Assessment where they compete for contracts to profit out of pushing disabled people into poverty.

“Selling Barnet public services to Capita will mean more tragic stories and less accountability. It must be opposed.

Ellen Clifford, National Steering Committee, Disabled People Against Cuts


“Just as Greece is being use as the test-bed for ‘shock doctrine’ in Europe, so Barnet Council is the guinea pig area for total privatisation in the UK.”

Paul Mackney, Vice Chair, Coalition of Resistance, former General Secretary, NATFHE (now in University and College Union)


“Best of luck with this campaign.”

Jean Roberts, ATL executive member


“…there is a strong joint interest in fighting the privateers, outsourcers and neo-liberals.”

Keith Flett, Secretary, Haringey TUC


“Tower Hamlets will send a delegation to join the Barnet Spring on 23 March. Your campaign has highlighted how Barnet’s privatisation project is destroying local democracy and accountability and economically damaging the whole community by exporting jobs and services. You have created a united response across the community and the workforce – to let Barnet’s Tory administration know that your services are not for sale.”

John McLoughlin, Tower Hamlets UNISON


Norfolk Coalition Against the Cuts sends its support and greetings to Barnet Spring. We wish you every success in your campaign. A tiny minority of millionaires are trying to steal assets that belong to the working people. Together trades unions and working class communities across the length and breath of Europe can reverse the tide of privatisation and destruction of public services. We are many they are few.
Ed Bober, Secretary, Norfolk Coalition Against the Cuts
“The privatisation programme Barnet Tories have set upon is a callous attack on our public services. Unite applauds the work of the Barnet Alliance in fighting ‘One Barnet’ and calls on its members to join the March 23rd march. Bring on the Barnet Spring!”
Steve Turner, Director of Executive Policy, Unite the Union

SLY AND REGGIE & local artists

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dub reggae sound system

+ support from local musicians

7 -11pm

The Dub Cafe will be a very chilled space where reggae music will combine deliciously with freshly brewed coffee and cakes. Come along, kickback and reflect on how cool life is with a beer or coffee in one hand and reggae in the ear.

Entrance Free (donations to FBL legal fund)

1-10 of 18