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 Re : Save Our Library.


To whom it may concern,

 We are writing to express how absolutely disgusted and upset we feel about the fact that Friern Barnet library is threatened with closure. We have been going to this library for almost our whole lives and hope to continue that way. Perhaps you did not know that the young and old use the library in practically every way possible; taking their children to story time, going to study and even to just have a read in peace and quiet.


The Arts Depot (where the Council wants to move it to) is far away and on a busy road. Lots of children simply WILL NOT visit the library if it moves to the Arts Depot. Local libraries are meant to be local.


We understand that we are in recession at the moment but we don’t see why children of our age should have to pick up the bill. We get many learning opportunities by visiting the library. We can look at history books to help with homework, read a good book and we can use the computers. Anything can help children to learn. Though some people may want to close the library, a whole lot more want to save it.


We care so much about our library that we’ve done everything we can to help save it. We organized petitions, we sent out flyers and we even did an assembly at our school.

 Think of the children that are still to come; give them a better future.




                                     Yours faithfully,


Hannah Andrusier, Oscar Andrusier and Anna Ward. Year six pupils.
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