Friern Barnet's Public Library Service Lost And Replaced By Extraordinary Campaign To Keep It Open. 

The keys were handed over to local residents in a landmark victory for local campaigners on 5th February 2013, for what can only be described as an extraordinary campaign. It was a hard fought battle that had left many residents jaded by the lack of cooperation from Barnet Council to maintain a quality public library service. The campaign and unexpected entry of squatters, self-defined as part of the ‘Occupy Movement’ had extended and reintroduced the prospect of further negotiations with Barnet Council that eventually lead to an agreement to run it as a community lead library.
Now open as Friern Barnet Community Library

If you are interested to help and volunteer some time, please contact them at: 

FBCL Group

If you want to use the library space, events MUST be booked beforehand. In the first instance please contact the library on:  020 8361 0174
 National Libraries Day was a great success this year

SFBLG Campaigns

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Whilst our campaign had always maintained a need for a public service library with a qualified librarian as the best option, we hope this can still be achieved with further negotiations from all interested parties. It just goes to show how by all parties working together, something truly amazing can be achieved, well done and thank you!

Occupy Handed Over Keys To The Community Of Friern Barnet

We've reached our goal of reaching 
7000 signatures, on our last count. Well done and thank you all. 
We even had Prunella Scales and David Nicholls sign our petition.  If you add you name to the petition, you could just have given back and reopened our beloved Friern Barnet library.

We Love Libraries



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