Images of the Garden and Exterior

We show some details of the garden.  Hanging baskets of geraniums are common in Europe and were favored in the 1950s.  The Faculty Center preserves some of these details. 

This rock garden at the front entrance is a wonderful example of a mid-century garden-and it would be deemed too costly to reproduce in a new structure.

Entrance of the Faculty Center; notice how the redwood trellis completes the line of the roof.   The garden wall is clearly part of the architectural scheme.

The faculty center is graced by spectacular, mature, trees.  The size of the trees here appears to dwarf the Faculty Center- they are over 50 years old.  The loss of these trees and ambience would be devastating.

Northwest elevation of faculty Center building; notice trellis detail, post and beam construction, and relationship of the building to the mature trees.

(Below) Meeting spaces at the North end of the building look out onto a vine covered trellis

Our meeting in the California Room on 24 January 2011; notice the soaring natural wood Cathedral ceiling.  Winodows and sliding glass doors run the length of this 71 foot room, affording a link with the outdoors-  unknown in today's darkened, dropped-ceiling, meeting rooms.

A walkway leads from the Coral Patio to the main garden dining area.  A redwood railing and vista of mature pine trees, along with the rose garden (dormant in this Winter photo) transports the visitor from a bustling urban campus to a scene of pastoral tranquility.