Paper Rose

Paper roses flaked with gold, a promise of love for an always day.

An old candy wrapper kisses in kind, found sweetness inside.

Rolled, creased, folded petal promises of protection and cradle.

As the Sun Rises, and the day swallows the moon, blessed warmth found within.

As the Sun sets with horizons of beamed spectrum, the glow of the moon radiates.

May the petals of your paper rose always float, and never leave your spirit.

As they capture the moist dew from the night air, may they drink in experience,

providing sustenance.

May the leaves shade you upon condition, and the thorns help the fight to remission.

Binding balance to functional strength as twirled paper, arose.



Saved with Honu is dedicated to my girls!

I love you Sarah, Vivian, and Evelyn!

Saved with Honu, is a self published work by Arlo Lorenz - Copyright 2016